Monday, October 24, 2011

My Future in Medicine

Since we've been married my DrH has always been "studying" medicine. By virtue of that fact, I too have been studying medicine. I vividly recall driving to my parents home, about 3 hours from where we were living, with a huge stack of flashy flash cards. He was studying for Step 2 or 3 I don't remember. The front of the card would have a question like: Which of the following is NOT a common side effect of x... and there would be 4 or 5 choices. I would read these cards to him while he was driving and then give him the answers on the back. After doing this for a few years I started to feel fairly confident in my ability to diagnose (based on the flash cards, of course).

Even now, I will hear something and think "why or how do I know that? Oh, yeah - there was a flash card!"

In residency I don't help with flash card study so much. What I get now are images that my husband will put in front of me to see if I know what is wrong. Last night he did it with an image of the cervical spine. And I got it right! Slipped disk there, and disk compressions below. Yeah, I'm ready for my second career in Radiology. He then went on to explain how they were going to fix it. He is a fix it man.

Oh, and maybe your husband is like this too. I have to be careful when I ask a medical question because he likes to give an entire lesson. Last night it was on the circulatory system. I was really curious how the blood found it's way home after being severed/amputated.  30 minutes later and a few drawings on a scrap piece of paper and I have my answer. He would make a great teacher.


  1. I nodded my head right through this entire post!!
    I can randomly answer the most ridiculous medical questions... it cracks me right up!
    But I'm not sure about an xray - I really don't think I could go that far.

    And I have been doing some thinking about the post about careers that are just as time consuming as medicine. It didn't sit well with me... but I couldn't figure out why. I kept going over and over it (yes seriously I have some issues I know...) and then it just jumped out at me.

    Here's why I can't agree that the other careers should make me feel like I'm not sacrificing more with this whole medicine stuff (and trust me... I'm not sitting around crying in my soup... but often I get SO frustrated with medicine...)

    You have SO little control with medicine.
    They either accept you or don't for medical school.
    They then send you on a wild goose chase trying to prove your spectacular-ness for residency.
    Then they basically put your name and qualifications into a lottery and you either "win" or not. (<-- everyone's opinion will be different one whether you win or not)
    Then they rule your life in such an unhealthy way, making the rules up as you go during residency.
    Then they may or may not require a fellowship, or make you feel like if you don't do the fellowship you're never going to get a job.
    Then they make you run around like a crazy person trying to prove yourself for said fellowship.
    Then they put your name in ANOTHER lottery and you may or may not "win" your fellowship.
    And then you go look for a job nine hundred and fifteen years later.

    Phew... I don't know. I have yet to find a job that requires so much of an individual and their families - especially given that they have very little say in any part of it.

    I feel better getting that all out!

    I totally get where you were going with your post - because it's so easy to fall into the "poor me" camp, but you know what - you deserve it. Look at what you guys have been through (and it IS you guys because Mama... you've been the anchor to that boat that is just a floating off in every direction!!)

    This is HARD and you're amazing! Never forget that!

  2. Um, I just posted that and holy wow I wrote a book!! haha
    I understand if you want to banish me from the blog now!

  3. I hope I didn't offend with my post!
    Now I'm worried that I said too much :(

  4. You are too funny Trust me, I agree with. But I hate when I find myself complaining only to find out the woman I am talking with hasn't seen her husband this week because he is traveling out of the country for work. Most of the time my feelings are the same ones you posted.

  5. Can you tell that I am a little bit bitter?? haha
    Glad i didn't offend you - I know that things can always be worse of course but a lot of the time I just feel sorry for myself :(


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