Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Doctor Crush

I have a crush on Dr. Benjamin Carson:-)



He and my husband have many of the same characteristics and surgical interests. But, unlike my husband, Dr. Carson enjoys talking politics. My crush only extends to his ideas, although he is an attractive man, my husband will always be my ultimate heartthrob.

I was first introduced to Dr. Carson by my mother-in-law who gave me a copy of his autobiography "Gifted Hands: The Ben Carson Story" during the beginning of residency. I remember reading it and thinking that this Dr. Carson was sure full of himself! That was before I came to understand that there is a healthy level of "full of yourself" required to do a good job in the operating room. And sometimes a surgeon really is awesome. Not many people get to be the first to do anything.

A few weeks ago I also watched the film version of his book "Gifted Hands" on Netflix. He is played by the actor Cuba Gooding, Jr. This time around the story was even more inspiring than I remembered the book being. Having several years between the book and movie encounters may have played a contributing role. Well, that and his prayer breakfast speech.

Then imagine my delight when I discovered that he had recently given a speech at CPAC! I spent the morning listening to it, and then listened to it again, only to discover that I had listened to an older speech from 2013. And then while finding the link for his speech on another computer I found the 2014 speech, I my opinion is was good but not nearly as great as last years, so I included 2013.


Currently, I am knee deep in preparing for taxes so his remarks on that topic were of particular interest to me, as is health care reform every day.

I have come to admire Dr. Carson, and discovered that we share many of the same beliefs. We don't agree on everything, but shared principles and values have a way of endearing people to one another. Since my crush is in full swing I may even look at a few of his other books. Turns out he has several and I'd be interested to see what else he has to say.



  1. I admire Dr. Carson also and love to hear him speak.
    Personally, I want a surgeon to have a healthy level of 'full of yourself'. I don't think I would feel comfortable of one cutting into me that didn't have this attitude.

  2. That movie was phenomenal. A professor of mine in grad school knows him personally and I always joked w my husband that I should use that connection (he's Neuro too).


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