Tuesday, May 28, 2013

My Lucky Streak

Have you ever been moving through your day knowing that there was something you were supposed to be doing but couldn't remember what it is?

Welcome to my Tuesday.

I woke up 15 minutes earlier than normal and got dressed. Not just the carpool dress code, but clothes that you would wear in public, out of the car, complete with hair and makeup. It wasn't red carpet, but enough to be presentable. Was there some place I was supposed to be? Don't know.

I dropped my daughter off at preschool, and thought maybe I"ll just swing by Target. I needed one thing and left with 4. Not bad.

Then I remember that I needed to pick up the third book in a series my son is reading, so I stopped by Half-Priced books (my favorite book store) and found exactly what I was looking for plus 6 others that I wasn't. Not so bad, but I shouldn't be buying more books right now. I have a thing for books.

Oh, and there was a prescription that was ready to pick up. Why not do that right now, too? I mean what else do I have going on? It must be my lucky day, because without me even asking they gave me a 60 day supply of my birth control pills. Yeah, that means I won't have to worry about forgetting to pick it up next month as we are packing up. It's like they just knew what would make life easier for me.

Where to next? Let's just go home. I am sure there is something I can do there. But what? So when my almost two year old exclaimed "SWING" as we drove by our neighborhood park, I thought why not.  I can be that mom, even though white shorts at the playground isn't a good idea.

So I turned the car around and we went back to the park.  The only other humans at the park were a mother and daughter. What are the chances that the daughter would be the same age as the one I was with? Pretty good,  how much better could it get? Wait and see.

We were casually talking about the next year and what school her eldest daughter would be going to when she mentioned that she registered her daughter at the neighborhood school but doesn't know if they will be here or not when school starts because they were getting ready to move again.

I asked where she was moving, and she is obviously just as lucky as I am because she is moving to San Diego. She has never been to San Diego so I had to tell her that she is going to love it and I was insanely jealous. I've never heard anyone say anything bad about San Diego, unless you count how expensive it is to live there. What isn't to love?

She and her husband are from Chechnya, and have only been in the states for a few years so I can see why San Diego seemed like just another place to her instead of the paradise that it is for the rest of us. She should be much more excited than she is - I know I would be!

And then she went on about how they had moved a lot, and had only been in their house here for a year, so of course I had to ask if they were moving for her husbands job. I am always curious about other professions that move people around a lot. But I wasn't prepared for her answer. She's married to a doctor! Her husband works at the same hospital mine does. Her husband was offered a job, my husband was offered a job (but not in the same state), we are both getting ready to move, we both have three girls about the same age.

Granted her husband is already practicing and no longer training, which is why her moving timeline is somewhat less certain than ours is. We only have 4 more weeks of play dates and park get togethers, but what are the chances that I would meet another mother, with children, at 10:00 am, in my neighborhood, with spouses in the same profession, working at the same hospital? See how lucky I am today! Or maybe I am not really lucky, because it would have been great to have met her a year ago.

And then my lucky streak ended, and I remembered what it was that I was forgetting this entire weekend. If yesterday was Memorial Day (Happy Memorial Day, by the way) then it also was the last Monday of May. If it was the last Monday in May than next Monday would be the first Monday in June and that would mean that it's time for Medical Mondays again!

Can it be possible! YES, the calendar has never lied! So now you are just as lucky as me, too. Next week is Medical Mondays!



  1. That was a very cute and funny reminder! ;)

  2. I love lucky days! What a great (at least morning!) you had. Happy to hear it. Can't believe its June already - see you next week on MM.


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