Thursday, June 6, 2013

Shopping Spree

We have decided to spend money on photographs. If I am going to spend money on photographs you have to put a little thought into what you are going to wear. Looking at our closets it is clear that we don't have clothes. Sure I do plenty of laundry but trying to put together something from our closets that will coordinate (not match) is a game show all on it's own - and I am losing. I found two things that were recently purchased for the summer in my sons closet and the baby's closet. So I decided to work off that palette thinking I had just saved some time and money. Not so.

I have been shopping like crazy. Online and in the stores for the last week.  Today I hit up two stores before 10:00, thank heavens Kohl's and Target are open early, all in search of that one item that will bring it all together.

When you are trying to coordinate outfits for multiples people the odds are against you once you hit more than 3 or 4 people. I can get about 4 of us in coordinating outfits but the minute I try to get the 5th  things fall apart.

Trying to explain to my husband why we can't all wear blue Polo's and denim was fun. I had to remind him of a book a patient gave him a few years ago that we died laughing over. Have you ever heard of "Awkward Family Photos"? Great laughs, and I know I have pictures just like a few of them. Lesson learned - you don't all wear exactly the same outfit.

You have to coordinate color palettes, patterns, textures, styles, accessories. I can dress myself competently and believe I am moderately stylish, but trying to do it for everyone is overwhelming. Someone should really start a styling service for families like ours who are clueless for occasions like this. I would pay someone to do this for me. Sure Pinterest has some color boards that are lovely and I have tried my best. Let's hope it's good enough.

Oh, and the photographer told us to pick our clothing choices with the room in mind where the photograph will be hanging. Hum, we don't have a house. I have no idea what the house is going to look like or what colors I might put in it.  This is turning into a very expensive experiment.

So I have spent hundreds of dollars on clothing. I have piles of stuff that will need to be returned (as soon as I can get the combinations right) and wouldn't you know that the hardest person to dress in this scenario is me. I always thought shopping would be more fun. I'm not having fun, and may not want to shop again for a very, very, long time.



  1. The fancy stores style for free (Saks, NM, Nordstrom, etc). Black and white can match any room-so get the photo in color and black and white. White out your faces and post a pic. I would love to see what you came up with! Family portraits are fun for everyone except momma'. I always go into it SUPER stressed out. When we have good photographers I'm relaxed and excited once it's over. When we have had terrible photographers I'm upset and more stressed out over all the effort.... =)

    1. I should really start shopping at new places:-)

  2. Just hang up a black and white one. No one will ever know you weren't color coordinated ;o)

  3. Excellent advice. I was seriously considering canceling the whole thing because this is hard. If it's printed in B & W no one will know the my blue is just a tad off from the rest. Why didn't I think of that? Oh yeah, I'm too busy shopping:-)


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