Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Summer, How I Love Summer

Summer is awesome!

I nearly forgot that I hadn't posted anything in a few days we are having so much fun. Part of my new found love for summer may have something to do with the fact that we have decided to let the professionals pack our house up without trying to be frugal about it. Who cares if we have to pay for it ourselves? I don't. What freedom!

I have to admit that I still look around the house and start hyper-ventilating because I feel like I should be doing something. It is at those moments that I have to leave the house. Out of sight, out of mind.

Leaving the house has been another bonus of summer. The pools are open, and we have great pools. Before summer is over we should have glowing tans.

What does my summer schedule look like:

Sleep in, or at least stay in bed until 8:00. If one of the kids come down I remind them that it is summer and we don't have to do anything. Further, I remind them that breakfast won't be served until 8:15.

Go to the pool, early. We head to the pool when it opens, stay for two hours and then come home for lunch and naps. The baby sleeps so well after a morning in the sun.

After lunch, the older kids watch a movie and I work out. Yes, had I done this much earlier I wouldn't have to be working so hard now. But there is nothing like putting a swim suit on in the morning to remind you that you need to work out when you get home.

Mid afternoon,  I look over our belongings once more and remind myself that magic is going to happen on the 28th of June. The little moving fairies will come in the space of a few hours have the entire house in brown cardboard boxes. I resist the urge to pack.

And then I remember that I still need to deep clean every surface in the house. So I spend an hour scrubbing walls and baseboards or looking for things that we need to fix/disguise before we turn over the keys.

Have I already said how much I have enjoyed renting this year? I like it so much, we'll probably do it again.



  1. Yay for fairies!!! You do know there are fairies who specialize in cleaning homes for moving/sale/deposit return, right?? Call in the fairies!!! :)

    1. I think I like that idea. Cleaning fairies.... I may just live at the pool. I hardly know how to behave since I'm not stressed out about moving. It is odd.

  2. Such a great routine! But I know you definitely have the organization trait so I expect nothing less. Yay for a couple of weeks left and a bigger yay for letting the moving fairies take over :)


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