Tuesday, July 16, 2013

I Am Alive!

Feels like forever ago since I thought about this blog, and that is a good sign. It means life has been full of of the stuff we have been waiting for. Moves. Visits with Family. Little getaways. Unpacking. Getting cozy. Trying local restaurants. Spending time together. It's been fun.

And it's also been exhausting. Moving with children is not fun! They still demand food, water, entertainment, a place to sleep and all their stuff. Even though we have been unpacked and settled for a couple of days the newness has worn off and they are bored. Some things never change. They also still get sick, which we have been dealing with for a couple of days.

I am still trying to figure out how to cook and grocery shop - two things I let slide completely over the last two months. I should go to the grocery store, and I have. There is no where to put food in this house, and shopping every day isn't something I am used to.  Another story for another day. So the question every evening isn't what's for dinner, but where should we go get dinner tonight? Maybe tonight I will attempt spaghetti!

The Doctor has had his orientation with the group, and the hospital. Papers have been filled out. Policies reviewed. Electronics packages ordered. Portrait taken. Badges and credentials issued. Expense accounts set up. I checked out our desktop calendar and noticed his entry for later this month: "First day as a real Neurosurgeon".  I don't know if that is excitement or terror!

So what is next? Well, nothing for a while. He doesn't start for another week and a half so we have time. But not really. We have another vacation, family reunions, and then just like that it is over and the work starts. But that is what we have been waiting for. The party eventually has to end!

It looks like Medical Monday's was a roaring success. I know Emma and I are excited to celebrate our 1 year anniversary of Medical Mondays on August 5th with some special surprises. Go ahead and put it on your calendar now, you won't want to miss it.

I'll be catching up with you soon!



  1. "First day as a Neurosurgeon" So excited for you guys!! Sounds like you survived the move. Hopefully you guys get a "routine" down soon. Can't wait to see this new life unfold for you guys!!!

  2. Fantastic news! I'm so excited to hear about life "after" residency. I'm so used to being grumpy, miserable and single I hardly can imagine the joy of living a life worth envying and enjoying!!! aaannnndddd, welcome back. I have missed your wisdom.

  3. Congratulations on the move and settling in! Hope everyone transitions well and this new path is everything you wanted it to be!

  4. Wow, "first day!"
    Probably seems surreal at this point. Glad you are enjoying so much family time right now and getting settled in.

  5. This month has been such a blur - I am right there with ya - busy busy busy. Congrats on the move, happy to hear all went well. Enjoy the rest of his time off with the family!


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