Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Anniversary Gift to DrH

My DrH are celebrating our 8th wedding anniversary today and what did I get him? Another BOOK!

I previously mentioned that I have been packing up books. Lots and lots of books. During that process I discovered that DrH had 6 of the 7 Harry Potter books in hardcover. He was missing the very first volume. So that is what he is getting, thanks to the good folks at Amazon - I love you.

Harry Potter books, I am not sure which anniversary that is technically supposed to be but for us it will be the 8th. My DrH started reading the Harry Potter series in medical school (obviously before we met) as a way to wind down and take his mind off the heavy stuff he was studying. I teased him.

I have never read a Harry Potter Book. I think it was primarily out of rebellion. I didn't have kids when the books were in their heyday and I had other things I wanted to read. A friend of mine bought be a paperback book and 9 years later I haven't read it. I have given it to my 7 year old son.

Even though I have yet to read the books, I am sure I will to my kids (maybe), I have watched each and every one of the movies. Although I would never pay to watch them in the theater. DrH has the collection on DVD and last November we had a marathon Harry Potter movie night that technically spanned over two weeks. They were good, but I am in no way a fan in the same way he is.


  1. I'm reading book two at the moment. Have never seen any of the movies...cause I have this self-implemented rule about reading the books first. I'm very impressed with JK Rowling!

  2. That's the perfect gift!!!

    HAPPY ANNIVERSARY!!!!!!! I hope you guys are able to spend the day (evening? a few minutes?) doing something special together!!

    (I have been away forever but I actually blogged today! Missed your blog and you!)


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