Wednesday, March 28, 2012


I am paralyzed.

Today is Monday the 26th of March. My home closes on Friday April 13th. We have 18 days to be packed up, moved out, and house cleaned up. Technically less than that unless I want to be pulling out of the driveway on the same day we are supposed to turn it over to someone else. Realistically I have 14 days.

Want to know how many boxes I have packed? NOT ENOUGH!

I have been steadily making progress, but have been on the books for a week. When you start putting books in boxes you realize that you may have an obsession. On the book shelf it didn't look like that much.

I have my boxes organized into three categories. 1) Boxes we will pack and use for the 3 months we are living somewhere else. 2) Boxes we will pack and unpack only when we arrive at our fellowship destination. 3) Boxes we will pack and will NOT unpack until we arrive at our final resting place in the future.

I love books, I can not part with them, but I know there are books that we aren't going to read in the next 1-3 years. Those books will stay in their boxes. My original intent was so that I wouldn't have to pack them up again in a year. But I am hoping that our next move includes a paid moving company with professional movers and then I won't care how much stuff I have to pack up and move out.

But for the moment, it is my headache, and I don't want to do it! I am doing a remarkable job procrastinating. This blog is providing me with ample opportunities for avoiding my elephant in the room. I should go pack something right now.

Please make this go away!

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