Friday, February 1, 2013

Passed On - Will They Know?

Changing subjects, because I need a change, and thinking of more uplifting topics on the horizon. Like Medical Mondays. It's is coming again this Monday, February 4, 2013. That's only a few days away. Will you be there?

This month your lovely co-hosts are Emma @ Your Doctors Wife, Your's Truly @ From A Doctors Wife, Kelly @ Newlymeds, and DJ @ Medicine: A Love Story. If you can't wait for the blog hop to begin you have my permission to check them out now. But come back on Monday! You can link up just about anything and met other like minded individuals. You never know what you might find.

Case in point: Doctor's Wives Living, a regular at Medical Mondays. If you haven't already checked out their online magazine I highly recommend it. I read it nearly every day.  See, it's over there in my Places I Go In My PJ's - that's nearly every day:-)

I love it for the articles they do like this one about Passed On. It is a free service that allows you to upload an "emotional will" for the ones you love. You can record a message, pictures, anything really and save it just in case the unthinkable happens.

You really need to head over there and read the full article and watch the video. It is touching.

Recently, and they all seem to be too recently, I have become acquainted with stories of women (many married to doctors with young families like myself) who have lost their spouse. My heart aches for these families as I feel a small pang of the loss, and then imagine what would happen if I were to lose my spouse, or if I were to be taken from my young family and husband prematurely.

What would I want to tell them?

What kind of person would I want them to remember me as?

Would they remember my voice or my unique expressions?

Would they know what I valued and what I felt?

Would they know how much I loved them, and some of the special memories I have of them?

Sure they could read my journal (if I remember to leave the password), or they could read this blog, or they could flip through scrapbooks. They could probably get a good sense of who I am and what I felt and cared about. But there would still be something missing.

I didn't realize it would be missing until I read the article and watched the video.

You can create separate entries for different people, so each person has their own personal and intimate collection of information that you assembled just for them in the form of music, video, documents, photographs.

It isn't a one time thing either. You can add to it as you make more memories.

Do you remember the movie My Life, starring Michael Keaton and Nicole Kidman? It was a long time ago, I know. Early 90's. Anyway it was about a father who was dying as he was expecting his first child. He sat down and made video tape (VHS - old school) recordings for his child so that he/she would know their father. Don't watch this movie unless you are prepared to cry - ugly, sobbing, crying. It's that good.

Anyway, that is the general idea of Passed On, only brought into the modern century with the latest technology. Easier to create. Easier to store. Secure. Beautiful.

For more information about this organization or to make a donation so they can continue offering this service free of charge, please visit their website:

Don't forget we have a date Monday:-)



  1. morbid... but I was JUST thinking about this earlier today!!

    You never know what tomorrow will bring, or even next year.

    kinda surreal. there are so many neat things that technology offers today that wasn't even around 10 years ago.

    Heck, we still have a VCR and videos ;)

  2. We don't have the VCR any more but the VHS tapes are still around! When I watched the video on their site, it made me realize that I want that kind of message/package to give to my family. Let's hope neither of us needs it any time soon.

  3. Thanks Jane for spreading the word about PassedOn! It really is a great idea and Marc (the owner of the site) is truly a genuine person who initially was just trying to do something for his own young children. I think it is a brilliant concept...

    See you on Monday at the Blog Hop!!


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