Monday, March 11, 2013

The Man of My Dreams

Is it possible that I have been living in a dream? I swear this past week was something unlike any other I remember. Maybe I have early onset dementia.

I am sure that I am married. I have a ring. I have four kids. I have a home, albeit one I don't own. I don't work, yet a paycheck is deposited once a month from some hospital. I pick up mail for someone who lives here who I think I have met before.

I go to bed alone, and in my dreams a man comes into my room and snuggles up to me. I can smell him. He seems familiar. But when I wake up in the morning he is gone. What kind of sick trick is my mind playing on me?

Then the weekend comes and I wake up (or am I going back to dream land)!

This past week was rough and it was only 80.75 hours. I have gotten out of practice and lulled into a sense or normalcy with 60 - 65 hour work weeks. It was so bad I started to doubt whether it was real and had to write things down just in case.

Thankfully for us, not the patient, one of his cases was cancelled on Thursday afternoon so he drove home to quickly say hi to the kids before heading back. I think he was afraid they might forget what he looked like. He tucked them in on Sunday night and then vanished.

And because the phone reception in our house is so awful I forget what he voice sounds like. I know his ring tone though. And the peel the phone makes when he leaves a message. Thank heaves for the weekend off. I makes us feel like a normal family for a brief moment in time. And then Monday comes again and it starts all over. Only this time I hope that it will be better, and by all forecasts it should.



  1. oh goodness, as much as I'm looking forward to residency I am definitely wary of having a dream husband!

  2. So true! Gosh with 4 are a saint.

  3. 80 hours...jeepers! Here's to lots of weekends off in the future!

  4. Is it temporary or will this be how his first year of attending is? And yes you deserve mother of the year award doing it on your own with four babies!

  5. I totally just Googled "wife of doctor" and found your blog!
    My husband applies to medical school this year and we're both full of anticipation and excitement (and a good dash of anxiety)..It's really nice to get the wife's perspective on the strenuous journey to becoming a doctor.

    I'm excited to peruse your archive and link up with other medical student wives. So glad I found your blog!



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