Saturday, July 2, 2011

House Calls

Being married to a doctor does come with certain benefits that no other profession can claim, namely the house call. Being that the doctor resides in the same home as the patient it is rather convenient.

I had a baby last week. I know! She is lovely and wonderful in every way. I also had a c-section which means recovery from major abdominal surgery. Not so great. While I couldn't get my dear husband to get me stronger pain medication, what I did receive was priceless.

My discharge orders after leaving the hospital were 1) see the pediatrician this week and 2) have the staples removed at the OBGYN office. The good little patient I was I called both offices on Monday morning and made my appointments. Wednesday (the first day I put on clothes) was the pediatrician visit. Friday was going to be the OBGYN visit. But, I had forgotten that Friday was also dear husbands first day as Chief Resident so he wouldn't be available to help carry the baby. Its back to the real world for both of us.

My mother is here and I suppose all 6 of us could have gone to the appointment, but that didn't sound like fun. I can't carry the baby and stuff by myself, I can't drive yet, and basically I can't do a whole lot. As I was trying to figure out what to do my husband said "why don't you just let me remove your staples". What a great idea! I cancelled my appointment, he came home Friday night with the staple remover and some steri-strips and what would have been an ordeal was a complete dream. I didn't have to get dressed or leave the house and in 5 minutes it was done. I am feeling better already.

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