Saturday, December 31, 2011

Child Support

My husband was in the doctors lounge this afternoon and met an ENT he didn't previously know. He described their conversation like this:

ENT: Hi, I don't think we've meet before.
DrH: No we haven't, I'm xxxxx.
ENT: So where do you go next?
DrH: I start a fellowship in July at xxxx.
ENT: What are you going to do with your first paycheck?
DrH: I told my wife she can have it.
ENT: Do you have kids?
DrH: Yeah, we have 4.
ENT: Oh, then she deserves it.
DrH: I think so.
ENT: What kind of car are you going to buy?
DrH: My wife is looking at a Honda Odessey.
ENT: Those are really nice. How about for yourself?
DrH: Um, I don't know a BMW maybe.
ENT: Did you know that child support starts at 25% of your income and goes up 5-10% per each additional child. In your case that could be almost 50% of your income.
DrH: No, I didn't know that. It doesn't matter, I plan on staying with my wife.
ENT: Oh.... OK. (DrH says his tone was like "sure you will").

Awkward. What kind of crazy person brings that topic up out of the blue? I am dying to know if he is married, divorced, or scared to death of being married and having children!

And for that matter why do men think that just because they might do something stupid like cheat on their wife means that all men will. ARHGGGGG. I should give him the benefit of the doubt. Perhaps he wasn't implying that my husband would be unfaithful, but rather that I might grow tired of the absent husband and leave him. Of course I would never do that either. If I can make it through residency (and I will) I can make it through anything!

Happy New Years Eve!

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  1. Perhaps ENT thought he was doing you a favor!!! Scaring your hubby into staying loyally faithful.


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