Thursday, December 13, 2012

Running Around, What's New?

I am trying to clean my plate, which means making incremental steps toward tackling Christmas. What it looks like is a scary woman running around in circles talking to herself and asking her baby to make important decisions, like what would dad like for Christmas?

Today's agenda items:

  • Teacher gifts x 5. There are the public school teachers, pre-school teacher, ballet teacher, and I know I am forgetting one. Starbucks to the rescue! If I can't figure out who the 5th one belongs to it is mine:-)
  • Make the address labels so I can mail the holiday cards when they arrive from Snapfish, hopefully this weekend. They might make it to their destination before Christmas day.
  • Get ready for preschool Christmas party. Learn part, find costume.
  • Make sugar cookie dough so it will be ready to bake on Friday, so we can decorate on Saturday, so we can take and eat on Sunday after church.
  • Buy "penny" gifts for school parties x 2. I wish I could opt out of this one. Each of my kids has to bring 23 small gifts for a gift exchange. That means they are going to come home with 46 pieces of junk that I will collect throughout the week and throw away. Unless the baby swallows them first.
  • Press the order button on my Amazon shopping cart. I love shopping like this! Presents done and shipped, thank you Amazon Prime.

If I manage to get this done today there is a good chance I can curl up with a good book and enjoy the next 12 days. How are your preparations coming?



  1. I am running around like a mad woman. In fact, I really should not be taking the time to type out this comment, but it's my "thing". Don't anyone judge me! I bought my first gift yesterday... for the Beau Hunk! Yuck. Today I bought three gifts. My cards just arrived. Have to go buy stamps and get in the mail tomorrow. Still have to buy for Doc H's ENTIRE staff. Lord, help me with those. Hate that one! Kids are all getting one thing and then money (it's what they ask for--to save up and buy big ticket items). Have mercy. I'm stressing out!!!
    Good luck with your stuff!
    Oh, BTW. I haven't even finished my tree yet. I really must get off the computer...

    1. I hope you don't see this comment because you are working hard. Thank heavens we don't have a staff to buy gifts for, but you reminded me that I should double my Christmas cookies - he always takes them to the nurses and doctors lounge. Forgot that one! And it's a good thing I ordered extra Christmas cards because I totally forgot about his attendings from his residency program. AHHHH! Wait, you bought a gift for Beau Hunk? Is it a gift or a lump of coal:-)

  2. Oh my gosh! I bought ALL of my gifts on Prime before Thanksgiving and had them delivered to my mom's (where we're celebrating). Hi. Couldn't be easier. My son doesn't have to do a gift exchange, but I DO throw away the "crap" that he collects at school. :-)

    1. Smart, Smart, Smart. Maybe next year:-) I know, I can't believe all the stuff they come up with. My favorite are the themed pencils that they get by the dozen at every class party, birthday, etc. But come the start of a new school year they request that you only buy yellow #2 pencils. So we have a hundred pencils that we will never use. Maybe I should round those up and have them take them to school for the penny gift exchange. Or actual pennies! I'd only be out 50 cents! I should have read this yesterday before I bought the junk!

  3. You all are making me feel like a real loser. I have bought ZERO gifts to date and grandparents are states away. I'm officially a "sh**tty mom" (google the book---it's real and funny; unlike the expression on people's faces who will not be getting gifts this year.)

    1. Loser you are not! One year we just told everyone we weren't buying gifts - it was too much work/stress, and probably one of the years I had a baby. Those events really suck the energy out of you and there is only so much to go around. If I makes you feel better I only finished 4 of the 6 items on my list. I know it was too ambitious trying to finish it all in one day. Maybe today I'll make those cookies and print address lables! I find that for every super productive day there is a price to be paid, and it is usually two days on the couch not doing anything. That sounds like a great (mom) book.


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