Friday, December 28, 2012

What Did Santa Bring?

One year I hope to let loose and only buy gifts that are lavish and non-practical in every possible way. Previous years Santa has brought a new roof, appliances large and small, concrete driveways, and garage doors.... all non-portable gifts, that were subsequently gifted to the owners of the home we used to call ours.

This year there was no house to pamper with our checkbook... that may be the best gift of all! Being practical is a characteristic that is nearly impossible to break. So in true fashion Santa brought life insurance and a passport. Merry Christmas!

Yes, you read that right. Insurance in the form of life for my husband and me, and disability insurance for him. And a passport just for me. I will start out the new year with a new sense of security - priceless.

In filling out the application for the insurance policies they asked some rather unique questions about my hobbies and interests. After reading through their list I can declare myself not only practical but a fat zero on the risk scale.

Do I skin or scuba dive? How often, how deep, where?

Do I mountain climb? How often, how high, where?

Do I sky dive? How often, how high, where?

Do I hang glide? How often, how high, where?

Do I participate in auto, motor cycle, or power boat racing? How often, where.

Have I traveled outside of the country? When? How Long? What for?

Well, I don't do any of those things. In fact, I have never even tried the majority of them and the only one I half considered was sky diving along time ago. At this stage in the game I think my time for that is over.

And then there are the other lifestyle questions about my risky behaviors on solid ground without momentum:  smoking, drinking, drugs (both illegal and legal), etc. No. No. No.

My goodness what do I do?

From the application they will know that I exercise, had four surgeries (all babies), and take birth control pills. What an interesting picture that paints. Rather it makes me feel, blah! Not that I have any overwhelming desire to do any of the recreational activities they included, but I don't think I am boring. There isn't time to be bored, that's for sure.

I suppose getting a passport for Christmas makes me feel a little wild. Maybe one day I will actually go somewhere a passport is required. Dangerous and risky!


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  1. Security is probably the best gift EVER! I know it's not something you can wrap and put under the tree, but oh my goodness... it's what I so desperately want! And a passport? are you going somewhere soon? if it's tropical, please take me with you ;) Hope you had a Merry Christmas, friend!


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