Friday, January 11, 2013

I Am Not Ignoring You

I had all these great plans for posts this week but I have run into a small problem. We have company in the house. Our first visitors in our new city and while I thought that would mean more time to do what I want, in reality it means I have no time to do what I want.

My house is clean. I am well fed. My kids are happy. My husband is taking time off.

The only thing wrong with this picture is me.

Since we rarely have family visitors, the impression they form of me as a mother, wife, housekeeper, cook only has 1 week to take hold. I have set the bar really high, and I thought maybe this time I would let it "all hang out" and just live like we usually do, but I can't make myself do it. I can't. I seriously considered it, but it won't do. Maybe next time.

I actually like the way everything works for that week, it is just exhausting to keep up. It's a me problem.

See you sometime next week - when I will need to take a week off to recuperate.



  1. You made me giggle! My in-laws just went home Monday. They were with us for almost 3 weeks. It was fun, and they are a big help, but I am still trying to recharge my batteries! Enjoy some time to yourself. :)

  2. Oh my gosh I'm the same way. We had visitors for the 5 days surrounding New Years & it's so stressful. Everyone else is relaxing & I'm running around doing things for everyone else all week. I don't even know if it's possible to fix that pressure we put on ourselves when people visit. I love having visitors, but once they leave there is that feeling that you get to relax again.

  3. I do this, but we don't have kids so it's not as challenging. I always feel like my apartment has to be meticulous before anyone comes over, and I spend the entire time keeping up appearances while they're here! I don't know why I do it though, because when I visit someone else's house that isn't so clean I couldn't care less!

  4. my husband works so much that sometimes we he is home it has a similar effect. oy. i totally get it :)

  5. this might explain all of my problems in my life. i do nothing to impress no one---ever! everyone knows i'm a train wreck and usually they tell me: wow you're doing so well what's all the complaining about?---and i just want to strangle them. what does a train wreck look like to my family? not me!!! (unbathed, stinky, moody, grumpy, neurotic --you name it.) if only... i would say don't sweat it. who cares if you "do nothing" ha! (that last part is a joke.)

  6. Have fun with your company and when all else fails there is always takeout :)

  7. I'm the same way. We love having company but I like everything to be "just-so' while they are at our house (followed by a week of taking naps and relaxing!). Hopefully you've been able to enjoy your time with them (and your hubby!!)


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