Friday, January 4, 2013

Not Really Funny - Mental Snapshot

While perusing another blog this morning I was reminded of things as they were last year. I was blogging fairly heavily at that point, trying to maintain my sanity (yet again), so I knew the chances were good I had a post around the same day.

Viola! What do I find but a post about my resolutions for 2012 which was to be less angry. I suppose that goes along with the resolution for 2013 to be more positive. I will say that I feel less angry right now especially since all that yucky house stuff is behind me and the future looks pretty rosy. If you have been reading my blog for a while you know that process weighed me down. Now that the house is gone I feel much lighter. Especially when I think of just making a phone call to tell my landlord we will be vacating the house on 7/1/13 and we can just walk away. Ah, it makes me so happy - the feeling is priceless.

And then it got me thinking that changing attitudes and outlooks is really hard. Maybe change is hard because it goes against our true nature. Sometimes the best route is to not change but accept yourself just the way you are. I am not a ray of sunshine, glass half-full, look on the bright side kind of gal. I enjoy people who are, but I can't force myself to be someone I am not. I get there eventually, but only after some time looking at dark clouds, and empty glasses. I have to go through it before I can get to the other side. Yes, sometimes it takes a while.

This is one of the things I love about blogging: you get to know yourself better with every word you type. The other thing I love about blogging is meeting other bloggers who share the same interests or challenges/opportunities that I do.

Be sure to stop by Monday and link your blog with others who are on various stages in this journey we call medicine. Or is that supposed to be life? They are one in the same in my book.

Have a great weekend, and see you at Medical Mondays!



  1. I'm not a ray of sunshine type person either...and they drive me crazy!! Good for you for tolerating them ;)

  2. I made a resolution to NOT make resolutions. :) Oxymoron? Maybe.

  3. I think for the most part, I am a pretty happy person, despite all the teen angst infiltrating our home. We all have our bad days, but for the most part, it's all good.
    I made two resolutions this year.. I'll be blogging about them... hehehehe! ;)

  4. ITA, the more you blog, the more you get to know yourself better. As for resolutions, I did make a couple, and 1 has to do with my blog, which is less stressful than a lifestyle change.


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