Monday, April 8, 2013

A Charming Recollection

Thanks Emma. Your post today reminded me of a something I almost forgot!

Once upon a time, when we were extremely poor medical students and preparing for our first adventure into residency, we took a trip. Our trip was all about finding a place for our growing family to live for the next 6 years. Six years seemed like an eternity at that moment.

Because we were traveling on the cheap, we made arrangements with the hospital to stay in their student house that was currently vacant. It had only been vacant for about 48 hours.

We stopped by the program office and picked up the keys and bedding in a bag and made our way to the house so pleased with our frugality and excitement bubbling in our veins. We were about to start a new chapter in our crazy medical life.

What cute little houses they had. They were located just behind the hospital and were used to house visiting medical students and professors. My husband had stayed in the neighboring house during his month rotation and said it was nice.


I was so taken with the charm of these little houses. When you have lived in a place that has very different architecture it is easy to be fooled into thinking charming is charming, when in fact charming is old and falling apart.

In this case, charming was gross inside. Imagine ultimate bachelor pad circa 1962 - maybe earlier.

We walked around, carefully.

The visiting professor had only recently vacated and there were still dishes drying on the rack. I was holding my breath and trying to convince myself that things were going to be fine. This was a free room and since we were going to be there for 5 nights it represented a huge savings.

We made our way to the bedroom to make the bed with the clean bedding they provided for us, and as I looked at the mattress and bathroom I thought I might vomit. Very likely since I was also pregnant. I looked at my husband and told him that I wouldn't be able to sleep here, or shower here. Ever.

There were small bug carcasses on the mattress and in the corners of the rooms. It all felt so dirty, despite being clean. There was an old, musty, mildewy smell in the air. Something wasn't right and while I couldn't name the one thing that pushed it over the edge, I knew we had to make other arrangements.

Priceline to the rescue! A Best Western never looked so good and I didn't even care how much it cost. So unlike me.

Now when trying to decide where to stay I try to remember that a hotel/motel is only as good as the sleep you are able to get.



  1. Gross!!! I will NEVER again work so diligently to adhere to my own self-imposed hotel budget! Ugh. It was sick. :(

  2. Eww. This sadly reminds me of my husband's resident housing while on his away rotations. Months and months of staying in gross, old, dirty places that I wouldn't shower in when I visited.

  3. GROSS!!! We have ants in our "new" apartment. Cannot. Stand. Them. I get it.

  4. Ugh, that is nasty. I'd feel the same way!


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