Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Last Year - Happy Year

Can it be time to pack up and move already? YES!

I swear I just did this last year, and it is already time to do it again. Good thing I didn't really unpack last time so this move should be a cake walk. In fact I am almost done!

Considering our belongings were culled last year, there isn't much to go through. Even still, I have quite a collection for Goodwill. You know, kids grow and you realize that over the course of the year you didn't use what you thought you would and don't really need it anyway.

I am sitting on my bed right now looking at 10 boxes, and it makes me happy.

Happy to know that moving this time won't mean packing up a whole house, only half a house.

Happy to know that we don't have a house to sell on top of packing and moving!

Happy to know that this time someone will be paying the bill, or at least most of it.

Happy to know that we don't need as much as we think.

Happy to know that half of my children's toys are already boxed:-)

Happy to be eating my pantry instead of filling it.

Happy to know that in 9 weeks this will be over, and unpacking can being (followed by another round of packing and unpacking).

Happy to know that there is no rush to move....we have time.

Happy to be almost THERE!!

Getting ready to move? See my Moving Tips.



  1. My sentiments exactly - this time last year I was moving as well. I feel the same way - the bonus to the moving - we do not need as much stuff and feel better without it. Our 4 boxes are at the door ready for pickup to go to the US and our 4 bags of luggage are mostly packed. Time for 3 months of travel and then settle in time for school!!!!!
    Congrats - you are almost there.
    Chey xo

  2. Woohoo then you can finally settle and not look over your shoulder for the next move!

  3. Yay!

    We are moving in two days (his residency is close by) but since both of us were living with others, we only have to move personal belongings...& purchasing everything else. Lol. Next year will be the 'move the whole house' thing! ;D


  4. Lots to be happy about! My moving tip would be that moving is a good time to go through your things and get rid of/donate things you no longer need! Always nice to move and start with a closet clean out before you move!


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