Monday, April 15, 2013

Down to the Wire

Taxes, Taxes, Taxes! Today is the day.

I am thinking of our fellow blogger Miss Liabilities today because I was up until 11:15 pm exchanging emails with our tax professional. I am sure she was at the office all night working, too. Hope you get some rest soon!

I have talked a little about our taxes and how I wasn't going to do them myself this year because they scared the living daylights out of me for the first time ever! I panicked.

We found a firm to complete them for us. Uploaded our documents to their secure site last month and the didn't hear from them for weeks. Two weeks ago I finally contacted the office manager to ask if our files had been assigned to anyone yet and if there was anything I needed to be doing.

Then on Tuesday of last week I hear from the woman was is doing our taxes and she had a question, which I answered. And then nothing. I didn't think they were that complicated, but realize she isn't just working on ours she has a whole portfolio of clients she is trying to take care of.

I am starting to sweat bullets because our taxes are usually completed in February and now it is April and I'm not sure what I should be doing. How do you file an extension? Should I just submit my own taxes? Ahhhhh!

And then Sunday at 8:43 pm I get an email saying that the taxes are prepared and ready to go I just need to sign two forms. Problem is I can't download the files. One is password protected, and the other has the important stuff I need to sign. It's kind of important that I get it done right then because my husband is home now and tomorrow he won't be. How am I going to get him to sign documents from the OR?

We exchange emails until 11:15 pm trying to get it figured out the evening before taxes are due. Nothing like cutting it close. I don't like to live that close to the edge. Finally it works. Who knew that having a Mac instead of a PC would cause so many problems. Husband signs on the dotted line, I scan, I upload, I fall asleep not having to worry about what is going to happen tomorrow. It is done!

Even though I didn't think our communication getting started was very good - now that we have spent the evening together getting to know one another I am very pleased. I promised next year to have my stuff to her earlier so I am not the reason she is still at the office at midnight on Sunday evening.

I know I am not the sole reason, but I do feel so sorry for them. Miss Liabilities, - good luck today!

On the bright side, we didn't have to pay any additional federal taxes (we payed a pretty penny as it was) and even got a small refund. State taxes, that is another story. And I am more competent that I thought, my estimates turned out to be right on. It was still nice having someone else complete them though.

Happy Tax day:-)



  1. Lucky! We filed our taxes last week & we owed about $1000 total (both state & fed). We are like, the ideal major taxpayer of America though... two incomes (well, more like 2.5 since I have a pt job too) and no house (we rent) & no kids. Oh and we file separately, which means we don't get to claim the interest we pay on hubby's med school loans either. Uncle Sam looooooves us.

  2. Agree with Sarah, you are lucky! We owed so much this year, it was painful. Looking forward to new tax laws being implemented for next year ...maybe ;)

  3. We had to pay a lot this year. Guess actually working as a DR (DrH finished fellowship last year) will do that to you! We got an accountant this year too, so much easier and less stressful than the years we did them ourselves, but like you, finished at zero hour, which I am NOT use to!

  4. Thanks Jane, luckily I was able to get all my clients' forms to them by Saturday afternoon. They really waited till the very last minute with you, I'm pretty surprised- I wanted to make sure mine had a day to look over everything. Glad everything worked out in the end!

    Happy Tax day!


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