Thursday, February 2, 2012

Domestic Diva

I have stretched me domestic diva legs and am feeling rather accomplished.

Right before my own baby was born I went a little crazy making hospital gowns. The ones they issue are just plain ugly and boring, and I wanted to be hospitalized in style. So I made four hospital/nursing gowns - one for each day that I would be a guest. A zebra print, a solid turquoise, a pink/white stripe, and a black and white damask with red trim. They were great! But I forgot that having a c-section means that you have an IV and a foley bag for a day or two. All those tubes and such interfered with my new custom gowns, complete with slits for breast feeding.  So I didn't wear them until the stuff came off.

What possess a woman to sit down and start sewing? This is where my vanity becomes readily apparent. I was delivering my baby in the same hospital that my husband works. His colleagues would be popping in to check on us. I wanted to be glamorous even during my recovery. And it worked. I felt great wearing something pretty. My hospital pictures look so much better with my 4th baby than my other three. These gowns served me well when I came home, too. So it wasn't purely vanity it was also practical. In the beginning I wore them during the day at home. Then as the weight came off and I could wear real clothes I wore them at night so I could nurse. And now seven months later I have passed them on to my friends. All except one that I am saving just in case I ever need to spend a night in the hospital again. (I don't plan on it, but you never know).

Now my sister has just had a baby. I intended to make her a few before the baby came, but I was too late. So today I just whipped out TWO! She won't have the opportunity to wear them at the hospital but she is going to love hanging around the house in them. And she will look so stylish!

Now, here is where I really earned my Domestic Diva medal. My husband had a pair of flannel pajama pants that he got for Christmas that were too long. He wore them anyway, which reminded me that I needed to hem them. So I did. They look great.

And just for fun I had some scrap pink satin material and crafted a little dress up skirt for the girls. No pattern, thank you very much. What can't I do! Actually, I had better put that sewing machine away so I can get back to my other projects. It was fun to get distracted for a day, but back to work:-)

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