Friday, February 3, 2012

Six More Weeks

Yesterday was Groundhog day.... I totally missed it. Parade? Special menu items? Cards? (I don't do any of those things, really).

The little guy saw his shadow and we have 6 more weeks of winter. I am confused is this winter?

The DrH and I are both from warm, western climates....ahhhh. It has been hard living in the Midwest with frigid winters. This year we remarked that we are getting some special treatment in honor of our last winter here, and I pray that we find a job in an area with no snowfall:-) But I am a little disappointed that our last winter here has been a less than "wintery" one. But only a very little.

Our first winter was awful. Maybe because it was the first. The in-laws came to visit the first week in December and their flight was cancelled because of ice and they had to sleep in the airport. I was sure they would never come back again.

Then there was the January where every day of the month we were covered in snow. It didn't snow every day, it just never melted! It was so cold.

Then in mid February we had a really bad snow storm that left us home bound for three days. I remember the DrH trying to get home from the hospital and his car got stuck at the top of the street and the neighbors came out with shovels digging him out so he could get home. He was on call that weekend and I remember thinking, if he gets called in how is he going to get there. But if he can't get to the hospital no one else can either. It was a bad one.

This is the first year that I can recall that the school hasn't had any snow, or it's so freezing cold we aren't going to school, days. We might actually get out on time!

This winter has been a strange one, but I appreciate the reminder that anything is possible even when things seem backwards. For me it is like a little post it note from God that says: "Relax. Everything is going as planned, I know what I am doing". 

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