Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Dream Family Vacation

We have been discussing for a long time what we will do as a family to celebrate the completion of DrH extensive post-graduate medical training. Having forfeited any vacation that didn't involve visiting extending family and sleeping on the floor for the last 8 years, soon to be 9, we thought that a nice family vacation would be in order. After all, everyone in this family has sacrificed something and wouldn't it be fun the celebrate such a monumental achievement with something equally as grand?

Our children love Disney. They get so excited when we watch a movie and the Disney castle comes up with the fireworks before the movie is announced. We decided that depending on where the job is located we would go to whichever theme park is closest and do it right. By right I mean not worry about nickels and dimes, just letting go and having a good time (what would that feel like). But then we realized that our location for fellowship puts us near one of the ports that the Disney Cruise Line departs from and our wheels started turning. Think of the money we could save by not having to fly anywhere. (Saving money appears to be an obsession of mine). We thought it we went to a park we would probably have to enlist the help of a set of grandparents, but a boat - we could do that on our own.

Did you know that you can take a vacation of sorts right from Netflix? We watched what basically was a 45 minute promotional video for Disney Cruise Lines. It looks amazing!!! I want to go now. So do my kids. At the time the video was made they had 2 cruise ships, the Disney Wonder and Disney Magic. Now they have 2 more larger and newer ships.  We watched it with them and now I get asked at least once a day when we are going on "The Boat". Sunday during church my son drew a rather convincing picture of the Disney Wonder. They are thrilled!

Then we got online and started looking at prices. It appears that a 7-day cruise for a family of 6 would cost us a mere $9,000. That is assuming that they will let us take 4 kids. We tried putting them on the itinerary with us and only 3 were accepted. The instructions said we would have to book another room. All of a sudden two rooms, one parent with 2 children each doesn't sound as much fun. They said the suite we selected would sleep 7 but why then wouldn't it let us put 6 people on our pretend booking? I am getting all indignant and we aren't even ready to plan a trip. First things first, we need a job!

I am sure we'll have it all figured out in plenty of time. Realistically we have probably a year before we will actually go on the cruise. That means I have a year of deflecting questions about when we are going to go on the boat. It is so fun to think of it though. Our kids will be 8, 6, 4 and almost 2 - the perfect age for their introduction to all things magical.

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  1. Depending on where you are, it may be cheaper to fly to a park. With a family of 6 or 8 (grandparents, who I definitely would recommend taking), you have to call Disney Travel directly. Don't go to one of their hotels. Too much $$$, ask to use one of their affiliate hotels. They are close by, have shuttles to the park (no parking fees, no hassel). Ask for adjoining rooms. Some even have kitchenettes, which was so helpful when our kids were that age. Three day park pass and character breakfast are a must.
    Go to the park early in the morning and take snacks to stay as long as you can. Leave to eat lunch outside the park (cheaper). Go back to hotel for naps or dark quiet time (no swimming - we learned that the hard way - melt downs all around while beautiful fireworks were overhead). Go back to park in early evening to watch parades and fireworks.
    So glad you're going!


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