Friday, February 24, 2012

I Can't Read That

It is true what they say about doctors handwriting.... it is impossible to read. I know they write a lot. I know they write quickly. But even before my DrH had the Dr. part his handwriting was atrocious. I wonder if there is some correlation between having bad penmanship and potential? Does chicken scratch indicate some particular type of aptitude for the study of science/medicine? As a child did he know he wanted to be a doctor so he purposefully didn't pay attention when they were teaching and learning to write the alphabet?

Today my DrH called and asked me to pull a paper out of his suit coat pocket that had a number on it. Did he really expect me to be able to read it? With some practice I have been able to figure out the nuances in his numeric and letter formations. It still doesn't make any sense to me, but I am getting better at it. On top of that he write rather small and the letters are all the same size, regardless of whether it is an "a" or a "b"making it that much more difficult when the letters don't extend.

Several years ago he filled out a form that needed his social security number. He wrote his number, but there is a problem if you are the only person who can read it. Not surprisingly, the person who needed the number read it wrong, and documented it wrong. (It wasn't their fault). My DrH makes his 7's look like 2's, I can't even explain exactly how, but it is almost as if he puts a cross through it like you would for an "f". And there are other weird looking characters. I say I am getting better, but it is still difficult.

Now when there is paperwork to fill out I make sure that I do it and then he can sign it. I feel bad for anyone who has to attempt to read his handwriting. It looks beautiful from a distance, but if it has to be read I will apologize for him. It is BAD, but it is most certainly a doctor's hand.

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  1. I hope you are right about your hypothesis because my 9-year old son has about the worst handwriting I can even imagine. His characters are not only weird looking, but the way in which he writes them is quite innovative. We laugh often about it as a family. Even he laughs. He is just in a hurry, you know, like most boys are at that age.

    However, my husband has perfect handwriting. It is strange... very strange. I have never seen it even slightly off - in any way, always the same, perfect, clean and clear lines. Very strange. But, he is very particular... which I guess can be a bonus for someone working with long needles...


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