Wednesday, September 7, 2011

How Not To Save Money

Do you ever feel like all your attempts at doing some good, just turn out bad? I had one of those moments yesterday. These things also tend to happen when I am already having a bad day (remember yesterdays post).

I'm in this cleaning house mode and have been ridding my closet of clothing that just "isn't right" for me, or doesn't fit and never will (in a good way), or my pregnant clothes that I am pretty sure I may never need again. After all, 4 kids is kind of a big deal. I could give everything away and feel all generous and good. Or I could take them to the consignment shop and try to make some money. They are still in really good condition. I choose money. Although I sometimes think of the smiles I could generate at Goodwill when a stranger runs across a find like I could give them. No, I still choose the money over being good. But, I do have a pile going to Goodwill, too.... just not the good stuff.

On to my story. The DrH came home yesterday in time for me to make a quick run to the library to drop off some of the kid movies (you know the library lets you check out movies for free, right? Just don't be late or they aren't free)! Then I went to drop off some of those clothes I mentioned at the consignment shop. I scored, they took them all and in 75 days I can pick up my check. I'm a regular consignee at this store as of May. To date, they have provided hanger space for almost 100 items. I used to have a problem with clothes, shoes, and accessories. In a previous life I could buy what I wanted and definitely used retail shopping as therapy. That just isn't the life I have right now. So I am purging and hoping to make some money. Note to self: clothing, shoes and accessories aren't really an investment, the resale value isn't great, but it's better than nothing. Don't buy anything unless you love it and plan to keep it forever!

And here is how not to save. As I was exiting the consignment shop I accidentally turned onto a one-way street the wrong way at the exact same time a policeman was turning the correct way onto the same one-way street. I saw what I had done the minute I made the wrong turn. This one-way street was only about 50 yards long and there was no traffic on it (other than the policeman and myself) so I am sure the policeman saw my face the minute I recognized I was going the wrong way and then my horror when I discovered him.

I was already in the one-way street and was on it the wrong way for all of 10 seconds. No harm was done. But on came the lights. I knew he saw me. And I would have thought him negligent had he not turned on his lights and approached my vehicle now safely in a parking lot. Which is where I would have gone to turn around and get back on the street the right way had he not been there. I promise I would not have continued going the wrong way on a one way street!

Out come the license, registration and insurance. I'm praying for a warning and that he will take pity on me while at the same time wishing I had all of my children in the car making me even more pitiful. Better yet, if the baby could be crying hysterically. But as it was, I got all dressed up, because you can't be out of the house without your children looking like the mother of 4 young children. Where are those kids when you need them!

He took my documents and went back to his vehicle for what seemed like forever. In the end he was a nice officer and I have a squeaky clean driving record in this city. I apologized profusely and swore that I didn't realize it was a one way street and when I did I got off the road as fast as I could even before I saw him. I thought I was going to cry. I can't afford a ticket, and I can't go to driving school - I have a nursing baby! Here I was selling the clothes off my back to save some money and was going to get ticketed for making an tiny mistake.

Thankfully, he was in a good mood and gave me a warning and told me that he just saved me $120. I would have had to sell a lot more to make up that $120. If you are trying to save money - don't get a ticket!

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  1. Ohhhhhhh I can't believe you would get a ticket for ACCIDENTALLY turning down a one way street. It would be one thing if you were in a street race up a one way, causing some sort of potential bodily harm to innocent bystanders... but this was a clear accident!
    Thank goodness he was a kind officer and saved you that extra expense! That's the last thing you would need!

    (Btw, I just wanted to thank you for all of your very kind comments on my blog... they are a bright spot in my day!!)


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