Monday, September 19, 2011

I am not FAT!

The good news just keeps on coming. I found out today that I am not overweight!

Back story: I've written about our health insurance and how much I hate it. Part of our deductible can be reduced by participating in health screenings. I took one back in July about 4 weeks after I had just given birth (can I say I gave birth if I had a c-section) and was declared overweight (BMI and Body fat too high). Yeah, like I didn't know that, I just had a baby - they should have seen me four weeks earlier! At that same visit they told me I was 1.5 inches shorter than I have claimed to be my entire life. I am still not happy about that. Anyhow, because I was overweight I had two choices to make. I could be screened again before September 23rd, or have 6-9 phone counseling sessions over the next four months. I was confident I would lose a significant amount of baby weight in two months and did not want to have phone counseling. I hear my poor husbands phone counseling sessions and no, I couldn't do it. What would I say? I am sorry, but I ate half a cheese-cake last night for dinner, I am breast-feeding so that is my primary activity for weight loss. Oh, and I do go the gym. I walk on the treadmill while watching movies on my iPad so I can eat more cheese-cake again this week. And for the free babysitting.

Today: I went in not as confident as I was hoping to be (because I've eaten so much junk), but hopeful that I could stretch myself another inch. The verdict is I am not fat and I managed to gain an extra half inch just by standing as erect as I could possibly get. I barely squeaked under the BMI limits, and technically I am .1% over in my body fat composition. The point is I passed, I am no longer considered overweight (only but a fraction) and they will give my deductible a $600 credit for all that effort. I will take it.

The bummer is that I can't submit medical expenses to be reimbursed until my husband finishes his counseling. Another two months or so. But then I will get back some of the money we've already spent. Some is better than the alternative. I hate jumping through their hoops.


  1. Well isn't that awesome!!
    I don't even want to know what my BMI would be.... I am working on that RIGHT now though because I can't deal with my fatty self anymore!!
    Two more months - it'll fly by!!

  2. You crack me up! Would you mind getting two forks for the next slice of cheesecake? It just happens to be my fav and maybe if we share the calories, I won't be overweight either?! Ha!

  3. Yeah, can I have some cheesecake too? And I'll bring some caramel popcorn I just made. Way too delicious (read: fattening)!


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