Friday, October 12, 2012

Are They Real? Only My Husband Knows For Sure

I have always told my husband that I would like a pair of diamond earrings of a certain size and I am positive he is more than willing to oblige when the time and situation is right. He would do it today if I would let him. He is a very generous man and I hope I haven't squashed that trait before he has ample opportunity to use it.  However, I have found myself back-tracking on my previous hearts desire. After all, diamonds are just rocks! Very beautiful rocks.

I have a pair of wonderful fake diamond earrings that I have worn without shame for years. They are cubic zirconium, but as far as I am concerned they pass for the real thing - although at this point I know I am fooling no one.

I wish I could remember where I purchased them or even when. I have had them for at least 4 years. Each stud is easily 1 carat. The setting is traditional. The metal source is unknown but hasn't faded or tarnished at all. They suit me:-)

And then the sun shines - they might not cast prisms like the real thing but I can live with that. Especially when I consider that most people who see them are going to assume that what I wear is the real thing.

And that is one of the truths that we are going to have to accept. People are going to make assumptions about our finances that are entirely false.

                                              ASSUMPTION                                    TRUTH

Diamonds                              real thing                                                 good fakes
Cars                                      paid for with cash                                    financed - just like yours
Mortgage                               paid off                                                    30 years
School                                   private                                                     public/charter/private/homeschool
Clean House                         housekeeper                                           blisters to prove it's me
Tasteful Decor                      interior designer                                      hours of HGTV finally used
Vacations                              exotic                                                      domestic and rare
Shopping                               Saks, Nordstroms                                  Target, Old Navy
Wallet                                    fat and overflowing                                  holds business cards and receipts
Dinner out                             steak and lobster every night                  made at home, take out
Groceries                              delivered                                                  line at warehouse store
Trim figure                             personal trainer/liposuction                     hours on the treadmill
Perky breasts                       boob job                                                   padded bra from VS
Haircolor                               expensive salon every 6 wks                  out of a box at home
Student Debt                         rich parents                                              years to payoff
Retirement                             no worries, millions                                 $0, plenty of worry

People will choose to believe the assumptions and completely ignore the facts. So, I might as well save whatever money would be spent in diamonds and payoff some of those student loans. The only people who will know for sure will be me and my husband.

(Disclaimer: Some of the assumptions may turn out to be truths, but you get the point).



  1. Oh the assumptions! I'm astonished by how reluctant people are to believe otherwise even when you tell them the truth.

    1. The truth isn't nearly as fun as the assumptions! Maybe they just want to believe that somebody does live that way. They are just looking at the wrong people:-)

  2. I like to mix and match -- then they really can never tell.

    Our VonMaur (like a Nordies or Saks) has this shoe sale room that is awesome - like $400 Frye's for $45, $200 Uggs for $30. See, mix and match it dear! That really keeps them guessing!


    1. We had a VonMaur during residency and I loved their shoe room! Honestly, I love most shoe rooms. Now where we live I have to really travel to find drool worthy footwear. The trade-off is lots of convenient discount shopping: TJMaxx, Ross, Marshalls.

  3. I'm with Raven... mix and match. I laughed as I read this, because, I too, have the same pair of earrings given to me by Doc H. The girls think they are real. I have visions of them fighting over them after my death.... only to find out they're worth about $100 thanks to the platinum prongs and posts. :o)

    1. As a gift you could make each of them a pendant from the earrings and they would think they were the luckiest girls in the world, and also avoid a post-mortem family fight!


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