Thursday, October 11, 2012

It's A Sign!

What do you think the chances of the universe answering the question I asked in Monday's post are?

I am thinking they are very good:-) When I got home this morning from my 60 minute walk (that's right I am getting fresh air and exercise - and feeling pretty good about it) to find a business card tucked in my front door for a house cleaning service. Well, it might not be an actual service as much as it appears to be a singular woman who says that she has 10 years experience and reasonable prices and two cell phone numbers.

Hum, something to seriously consider especially in light of the fact that I have at least two toilets that I have been avoiding... they would be the ones my kids destroy. Use your imagination and you'd probably be right. I feel like I need a haz-mat suit before entering. So I don't go in as often as I should.

I wonder if she would insist on a walk through of the place to get a general idea of the condition before she accepts. I am jumping ahead of myself a little, I haven't even called her. But I am thinking I should.

I think I have been reading/watching too many period dramas (i.e. Jane Austen, Elizabeth Glaskell, Downton Abbey) because I am beginning to think that I would really enjoy having to never think about how my clothing was always fresh and in good repair, and my food magically appears from behind double doors, or how the flowers were always fresh and perfectly arranged, and dust... what is dust? (I think I just described my children's existence). No wonder they had time to sit around and read, embroider, play the piano forte, take long walks, stay up until 2 am dancing, and sleep in unto 10 am, etc.

Pretty sure with my track record I would be the girl with chimney dust on her skirt and permanent stains under her chipped fingernails.



  1. That right there is cosmic intervention for sure. TAKE IT! :)
    Much love

  2. I fully support the universe's clear message to you to get a housekeeper. I've had one since my third year of medical school, and it is the one expense that I would give up many other things to keep in my budget (If I didn't have a giant line of credit that doesn't need to be paid off until "someday" in the future.). My housekeeper motivates me to spend 1/2 an hour tidying once a week (I'd rather put things away in the right places than have her try to figure out where things go), and she ensures that my apartment is cleaned from top to bottom once a week. Without her, I'd live in absolute squalor.


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