Tuesday, October 9, 2012

I Love Fall

I was thinking this weekend of something to be thankful for above and beyond the usual: family, friends, children, etc. It is good practice, and something I need to spend more time doing.

Now here in the second week of October I am thankful for fall.

When I think about fall, I recall a scene from the classic movie You've Got Mail. Meg Ryan's character talks about fall and the beginning of a new school year with such passion. She says it makes her want to go out and buy pencils and school supplies.

For me, as soon as the weather starts to turn I get giddy about getting to wear clothes I haven't seen in months. I like long sleeves (it may have something to do with my upper arms), I like long pants (that may have something to do with the color of my legs), I like scarves, boots, and jackets. Fall is one of my favorite seasons.

Fall also makes me want to be "homey". It is a bad time to visit a craft store because I seem to want to try everything. I know that I am not a crafty person. I would rather read, watch, or write. Creative things to display I don't feel very comfortable with. But today I bought a glass block to decorate for Halloween. Is that out of date now? That's how crafty I am. I will need to consult Pinterest and hopefully will finish something by the 31st.

Fall also makes me appreciate the way the seasons mark time. A change in weather signifies that things are changing, time is moving, life is progressing. Things end and others begin. We are getting close to some very monumental events in our life. Fellowship will end in 9 months.

It is amazing when I consider that the moment we have been waiting for FOREVER is winding down. This is our last fall, last winter, last spring and then it is done. After spending so much time in this phase it is almost impossible to consider that there is anything else.

Hello Fall - I am happy to see you.


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  1. Hi! Thanks for the kind welcome :) I am happy to have your blog added to my list as well. I am loving being a part of the doctor's wives blogging community. Looking forward to reading your blog.


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