Friday, November 23, 2012

All So Exciting!

We have much to be thankful for and this week I have spent the time relishing in our "moment" and the good fortune that seems to be at our doorstep.

No sooner had the doctor stepped in the front door from his interview, he received a phone call from the man who will be his partner. It was the phone call you only see in movies. The one that starts "we really want you", and "what will it take to get you here".

That phone call was followed the next day by the surgical director saying they were looking forward to having him on their team, and that a contract would be coming shortly for his review.

I don't know if this is standard protocol but at the interview they gave him a contract! It was really a shell of a contract, but the only things that needed to be filled in were signing bonus and salary amounts. They gave him the equivalent of a new hire package to review their benefits. It is a long contract!

I have read it and reread it. It looks good. Still we are awaiting the real deal before I allow myself to get too excited about it. But from where it stands right now it looks like he (we) have a job that is a good fit, in the location we want to be, with the flexibility to do what he wants as far as research goes.

I should exercise more faith in this process. For the last 6+ years I was certain the possibility of our returning to our home state was nearly zero. Particularly when he decided to do a fellowship. There just aren't that many jobs to choose from when you start further specializing. I had resigned myself to the fact that we would always be away from what was happening with our families. That we would always find ourselves in an area that wouldn't entice our family to visit. They don't get out much. That we would always spend holidays and special occasions alone, or with friends - but not family.

And here we are, starring at what we thought was impossible, knowing that all we have to do is say YES and it will be reality. It is an exciting feeling and gives me every reason to be Thankful.

This is the moment we have spent the previous years waiting for! You never think it will happen while you are preparing for it, and then before you know it - it is here.



  1. CONGRATS!!! I am so happy for you and your family. A wonderful start to the holiday season. Time for us to trust the process and know that we will get there one day.

  2. Congrats! I know that feeling. I practically all but fainted when we got ours. My word of advice is to have a lawyer look it over (one familiar with employment contracts). If you are lucky and have a lawyer friend, maybe trade for services (babysitting, meals) but if you don't -- it is SOOO worth the couple hundred dollars to make sure it is 100% favorable.

    Good luck and give yourselves a big pat on the back!! You deserve it!

  3. Congratulations - what a wonderful Thanksgiving! 6 years , that is truly an amazing dream come true. So nice to hear!

  4. Reading this just almost made me cry :) I can only imagine the excitement that was brought by this and how you guys must feel. So happy for your family and love that it gives people like me, a resident's wife, hope for the future!

  5. That is so fantastic!!! SO HAPPY for you guys! :) It is definitely a relief to have a plan and amazing when it is exactly what you hoped for! Congratulations!


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