Thursday, November 29, 2012


If you put a baby in a tub of warm water after dinner there is a good chance that he/she will poop. It doesn't happen every time (thank heavens) but often enough!

It is one of the reasons that I do not clean my bathtub on a regular schedule. If I clean it, the baby will poop in it and I will have to clean it again. And just when I think the baby has outgrown that particular phase I am reminded that just about every time the older kids get in the bath they all of a sudden need to get out to use the bathroom.

I remember the days when I tried to follow a regimented cleaning schedule. The one that says every Thursday I scrub the tub, or on the first Saturday of the month I wash the baseboards. You know, to stay on top of things. Ha! When you have kids it is best to be realistic, accept and move on. Children will give you ample opportunity to clean things so there is no need to do the job before it needs it.

Try it. Scrub the floor before it is dirty and someone will inevitable give you a reason to clean it. No use in making more work for yourself. I don't have the energy for it. If you do and it makes you happy I am happy for you. It just makes me crankier.

On the bright side, when the baby poops in the tub mommy gets a bath!

Our home has two bathtubs. The one in the kids bath is nearly impossible to use for assisted washings because it requires me to be closer to the toilet than I would like to be and there just isn't enough room to move. The only other bath happens to be my garden tub which is deep, wide, and much easier. Not to mention I can bathe a whole slew of people at the same time. Time saver.

What that also means is that my bath isn't exactly ready for me when I am ready for it. Kids are dirty! The last thing I want to do is scrub the bath tub. When I need to relax, making more work for myself isn't on the list. Now if someone else wanted to clean the bath for me (hint, hint).

So mama gets a bath after the baby poops in it. It works. Baby goes in. Baby poops. Baby gets out. Mom gets out the bleach. Baby gets back in bath. Baby goes to bed. Mom gets in the bath. Bath is clean. Mom is happy.

And guess who is on call? I may just spend all night in my nice clean tub,  just me and a book. I may even light a candle and add some bubbles.



  1. Ha! I just finished reading this and I hear a crash in the kitchen. Walk in to investigate and find my 14-month old had pulled his brother's cereal bowl down off the table. The cereal bowl with milk in it. Happy baby, milk puddles all over the floor. So glad I didn't mop the floor yesterday. :)

    1. How can such little people get into so much trouble and make such big messes! I miss the days when all they did was sleep and snuggle.

  2. Yeah, I don't miss the floating brownies in the tub....
    I hope you enjoyed your book, candlelight, and bubbles! Sounds wonderful!

  3. This is hilarious. When I was about four years old my baby sister pooped in the bath while I was in it. Scarred for LIFE! Glad you had a good evening though :)
    Visiting via MM :)


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