Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Big Game Hunting - It's Interview Season!

Job searches begin during different seasons for everyone. There isn't one right time.  Hopefully, you have a job before you finish residency or fellowship. We have friends who have secured jobs 2 years before they are eligible to practice and others as short as 4 months. I told my husband long ago that I would prefer to be closer to the 2 year mark than 4 months. So much for my preferences.

But it is here. Interview season has called for us. We/he is up. This is the make or break point. This is it - THE ONE!

I am getting anxious just thinking about it. That either means that I will be on the computer more than I have been, or less. It means lots of blog posts, or a sparkling clean house. It means home-cooked three course meals with dessert, or take out. It means organized closets or piles of laundry collecting all over the house and no clean clothes to wear. It means lots of exercise or lots of chocolate. It is going to be a nail bitter.

We will have to see how this one shakes out. I am more nervous than my husband! This weekend can't come fast enough.



  1. Here it is, the end is in sight! Crossing my fingers the dream job search goes smoothly for your family :)

  2. SO EXCITING!! I am thrilled for your family and cant wait to read about how it all unravels...looking forward to it. Best of luck to Dr.H!

  3. GOOD LUCK!!!! Hoping all goes well for you through all the stress and roller coaster ride. We have good friends going through residency match interviews now and will be doing so ourselves next fall/winter. Also congrats on reaching the end of the process - that is a big accomplishment in of itself!!!!! Hang in there - almost there.

  4. Yay! I'm sure you (ahem, I mean "he") will do great!!! Super exciting time! We are kinda going through some thing similar. Doc H stocked up on the good chocolate to calm my nerves. He knows me so well! Hahaha!

  5. Yay! The light at the end of the forever long, never ending tunnel. My husband just started med school, so I still see no light but can't wait for that day to come for our family. Good luck to him on the interview, and good luck to you in staying sane in the process...however you need to cope to get by!

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