Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Let the Bah-Hum-Bug Begin

It has been made perfectly clear to me that I am not a holiday person. It's just so much stuff!

The week before Thanksgiving people on our street were putting up lights, trees, and outdoor decorations. By the time the turkey was carved they had probably finished the insides as well. Our decorations are in a box somewhere. At least what we didn't give away is in a box. Remember we are traveling light.

I have a very observant son who noticed that we never do any outside decorations. He is right. He is also very bothered by that fact and has been giving me my daily scolding.

My excuses prior excuses have been:

1. It is too cold! Where we lived before the weather frequently dropped below freezing the week of Thanksgiving. I'm just not that interested in putting up Christmas lights in the freezing temperatures or doing it weeks ahead of Thanksgiving just so it gets done. It's not that big of a deal to me. I enjoy other peoples outdoor decorations.

2. It is dangerous! We are protecting our future here by not allowing our future doctor on the roof to hang lights. Period. I won't do it. A few lights on the roof are not worth the possibility of a slip or fall. And I am not doing it either!

3. It is clutter! I don't do clutter. Holiday decorations are just clutter in my opinion. When you live in small spaces with small people clutter is your enemy. It's more stuff to pick up, pack up, dust off,... can't we do with out it?

We don't currently have a Christmas tree. We gave that away too. It was a sad thing my husband had from before we were married. I don't know that I even want a tree. We have a toddler! Yes I could put it up on something.... but we are missing the something. There isn't a place to put it. Is that a lame excuse. I have visions of me finding the baby under a fallen tree. It is very likely to happen.

Somehow I have been talked into getting into the Christmas spirit when I don't want to. Yes I know it is technically time. But I don't want to bah-hum-bug.

After school today my son is expecting us to do some holiday decorating, complete with outdoor ornamentation. We don't have any. So off to Hobby Lobby I went, and $100 dollars later we have some stakes to put in the yard, a few new ornaments, a wall hanging, a wreath (that I should have made, it's just tinsel stuff), a countdown thing-y, and four tiny Christmas trees. I don't think anyone is going to accept that. We are probably going to have to buy a tree of some sort.

Have you started/finished your holiday decorating? Would you like to come do mine?



  1. Well, as we are in the UK and traveled light and have a tight budget we opted to make our own. We purchased some crafts and made decorations to hang inside. We are in a flat so we don't have a yard to decorate. I brought our stockings that are special to hang as well. I am researching a small tree - real or fake not sure. Real would be easier for when we leave. I do love the christmas spirit but within reason. We always tied the top of our tree to an anchor nearby then you don't have to worry about a baby under the tree. Time for some Christmas Cheer - just keep it simple!!!!
    Chey x

  2. Ugh I'm so with you! I love the IDEA of holiday decorating, I just don't actually like DOING it. So we usually end up making a half effort a week or two before Christmas. We've gotten a real tree the past few years and that has been the extent of our decorating. We might not even do that this year since we also have a tiny apartment! I plan on going full out though when we have a real house...one day :)

  3. My tree is partially up, thanks to LB. The wreaths are hung. I just purchased new sets of LED icicle lights which Doc H will put up. We have good insurance. The kids and I do the rest. We have to be careful, though. We have been known to repeatedly trip the breakers. I love putting the stuff up. Taking it down is the pisser. :/


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