Thursday, November 8, 2012

How Worried Would You Be?

I was feeling confident about the public education my children are receiving until messages like this from my daughters kindergarten teacher are delivered to my inbox:

It has been a long time since I was in school, but I am certain there are at least 4 errors that spell check didn't catch because they are words, just not the words they should be for the sentences to make sense. Not to mention the last half of an entire sentence that needs serious help. Hint: paragraph 3 contains all the lovely mistakes.

How worried would you be?  Maybe this is just further proof that spell check has made everyone, including our teachers, poor editors. That's too bad.



  1. I really hope this is a math teacher...

  2. Ditto with math or science! I used to be a great speller until the constant push of accounting took over and now my emails are worse than this. :)

  3. This is a perfect example of George W's failed education policies. I'm not intentionally being political. I was a student and teacher BEFORE his policies went into effect and AFTER. From the Pre-K thru college level courses any teacher and student could see how terrible things got once he put his "restraints" on the public school system. No's completely common and acceptable to see this stuff from public school teachers AND private school teachers unless you're paying at least $10K/year in tuitionTHEN this type of stuff is completely unacceptable. Take it from me... this is the tip of the iceberg with your kids going to public school. (I had friends in "advanced" classes -- that is below the AP classes -- in high school with 98's on their papers and there were numerous fragments, spelling errors and vocabulary errors.) The brilliant teachers teach at the ivy leagues or private schools where they are given support and their job isn't to be a mom, nurse, teacher, social worker, aunt, disciplinarian and faith leader all at the same time. Thank you for reminding me that my daughter's private school education is worth every penny I don't have. =( Her teacher sent out the exact same note but her note did not have these errors.

  4. The two oldest went to public. D3 has Always gone to private. We are pulling LB out of public and he's going private.We're done with public. Even the girls say their schooling experience was the pits. And they went to one of the highest ranking HS in our state! Public was a huge disappointment for us. Sad.

  5. Wow! Our son goes to a private school, but attended pub previously. However - we ALWAYS give him extra work/quiz him at home on the things we think are important, etc. Teachers do not have time with all of the kids in the over-crowded classrooms to get to the low, medium and high students. That doesn't make this notice any less alarming. Spell check is your friend!

  6. I am hopeful that someone else drafted the message and she just sent it. By all accounts she is a good teacher (it's Kindergarten) and my daughter likes her and the interactions we've had have been positive. I wonder how many other parents read the note and scratched their head? If anything it's a reminder to read everything before you send it. Particularly, if it could be a reflection of your professional aptitude.


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