Friday, November 30, 2012

One More Reason To Love

It really is the little things. I received a text this morning from the husband asking me out. Granted it is short notice for tonight or tomorrow, but I will take it. Can you believe we have two evenings to consider? That is the way we roll around here. You go when you can and never make future plans.

But it is the gesture that follows that goes straight to the heart: he offers to call the sitter(s).

Finding a sitter is the task that puts a dark cloud over every potential date night. That single event has often discouraged me from even attempting to go out. Just because YOU are available doesn't mean THEY are available. That coupled with the fact that I do not like being told "No, I'm sorry I can't tonight" when I know the next time I am able to go out may be weeks or potentially months away. I can't handle the rejection. It is difficult to find a sitter on short notice.... which is why I contend we need to keep a sitter on retainer so when we call she comes. (I wonder if anyone has already thought of that as a business model).

So when he offers to make all the plans, including calling and finding a sitter for the evening I am a happy girl. Having that nasty little task removed from my list makes me feel like dancing and singing.

The pessimist inside me says not to get too excited because this has all just happened and an available sitter may be impossible to find. But in this case, it is the thought that counts. Knowing that he would do something (one more thing) I hate to do makes this another reason to love that man of mine.



  1. When I babysat years ago to make some extra money I used to always try to be available for my family when they needed me because I knew how stressful parents got about finding a sitter - you only have a few that you like and trust so its always fingers crossed that they can help out when you need them. I totally get it :)

  2. How sweet! Doesn't it make you feel good when the hubs takes time to plan a date night after you're married? It's probably my favorite thing :) even if it's just pizza and a movie! Crossing my fingers you find a sitter!

  3. Is there a nanny service in your area? When I've struck out with my local teenagers we've always gotten someone from a local nanny service. It costs more, but sometimes you just need a night out and the service fee is worth it.

    1. That may be something to look in to. We have relied on the teenage babysitters from church because we at least knew a few things about them. I miss our old babysitters... they knew our kids names and always went out of their way to talk to them when we were out and about. Making those types of sitter relationships take time and we've only had a few months here. I think our kids miss our old sitters too.

  4. I have been enjoying your blog and I nominated you for the Liebster award. You can see the instructions here:

  5. In college, I was a nanny for a two MD family and they only hired nannies on a yearly contract because it was a "i call you come" kind of position. It was a great family to work for and I adored the kids! I was sad when I changed families, but I was getting married myself.

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  7. Someone needs to develop a late night daycare for couples who want to go out for a few hours.


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