Friday, August 5, 2011

Coping Strategies

I am a creature of habit, schedules, and routines. I've probably always been like this, but it has become apparent since marrying a doctor that I require it and can't function as well when life is unscripted and carefree. Trying to schedule myself has been one of my coping strategies as well as one of my trials. I have come to the conclusion that this lack of routine has been the "bee in my bonnet" for the last few months.

There are relatively few things I have to do at a predetermined time, or accomplish by a certain time. For a person who loves deadlines, a to-do list and an electronic day planner I am constantly struggling to organize my life into something that I can quantify. I like predictability, knowing what I am going to do each day, setting out to do it, and crossing it off the list. 

One of the anchors of my daily routine has been going to the gym. Everything else I do seems to revolve around this one activity and it has been missing for the last two months. No wonder I can't pull myself together I've lost my anchor and have been adrift! 

It sounds crazy doesn't it? But living with a doctor in the house means living with unpredictability. No two days look the same. I've learned to cope with that uncertainty by making other parts of my life absolutely certain. For the last year each weekday I've taken my son to the bus stop at 8:15 and went straight to the gym for a 9:00 class. Those two events served as my launching pad for the whole day and everything else revolved around those two commitments. Between having a baby and summer break from school the last few months have annihilated my routines. I can't wait to get it back! School starts in two weeks and I have my OB check up next week, where I should be cleared for exercise. 

My sanity is right around the corner! 

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  1. Oh my goodness.
    You are me!
    Except I am not AS organized as you sound. But that has been my biggest frustration with medicine thus far. SO SO SO much uncertainty. It drives me bonkers. In turn I try to control everything else - unfortunately I am doing a terrible job of it right now! I need to get back on the exercise bandwagon too!


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