Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Everyday is a Surprise!

If there is one thing every person should know about the life of a resident and living with a resident is that the only thing that is predictable is the unpredictability. Don't try to make plans because they will certainly change!

Today I am specifically thinking of the two days my husband has reportedly been off. Funny we haven't seen him much. The surgeon that he works with on Monday and Tuesday was off, so technically he is off. The surgeon didn't schedule any cases, and nothing scheduled for their clinic - because they were gone. But as I have previously lamented, there is no such thing as a day off. He was at the hospital at 6 am both Monday and Tuesday working on presentations, making phone calls to our favorite friend Sallie Mae, and in general setting a good example for his junior residents by working hard. Heaven forbid a junior resident think the chief isn't working hard enough. Some days I hate that my husband is such a good guy.

Knowing that he had these two days that would be more flexible, I scheduled my follow up OB appointment for this afternoon so he could watch the kids while I saw the doctor. I bet you can't guess what happened! Yeah, Monday he called and said that they added a case for Tuesday afternoon that he needed to cover because the other chief was out of town. So he would be at another hospital during my scheduled appointment. He offered to change my appointment with the OB's office, he knows how much I hate having to do that, and managed to get me worked in earlier.

So instead of going to my appointment with just the baby in tow in the afternoon, I got to take all four kids to the office at 9:30 in the morning. That was fun. Thankfully he was available to watch the kids at the hospital. The kids love getting the special treatment from their father, including cookies from the doctors lounge and a visit to the aquarium in the surgical waiting area. He owes me big time, especially because the case that was scheduled was cancelled and my appointment was rescheduled for nothing.

It's almost impossible to predict what will happen tomorrow. Most of the time I don't even try, but there are some things that must be scheduled and committed to - like doctors appointments. This is a crazy life we live.

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