Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Feed Me

Over the last 7 years I have noticed some disparities between the food our family eats and the food the doctor eats. Ever since medical school he would go to these lavish dinner affairs where a pharmaceutical/device representative would pitch their goods and buy them fine foods. Then came the journal clubs held at nice restaurants, or guest speakers with formal dinners. While the DrH was eating prime rib his family was having hot dogs. He would be getting lobster fettuccine in cream sauce, we would be eating macaroni and cheese from a box. They would have sushi, we would have tuna from a can. What they were eating, and what the doctors family was eating were at two very different ends of the culinary spectrum.

My husband has always been aware of that fact, and would try to make amends for being away AND eating fine foods by bringing whatever he could home. He would order "too much" and bring me the left-overs. Or, after dinner would pack up what was left and take it to his starving family. I am sure the other residents thought he was 1) really hungry or 2) wasn't getting fed at home. And then I found out that he sometimes told people he was bringing food home for me. Probably to keep people from thinking that he was packing on the weight. That was mortifying. At one time, the office staff who were arranging the lunches/dinners would just put the left-overs in the fridge with his name on it. Embarrassing, but so good. I am positive they think I am a fatty because they never see me and my husband is always bringing me food. That and I am always sending baked goods with the DrH to work. Partly to keep me from eating them all, but I just make more!

Last night they had journal club at one of my favorite restaurants and he brought home some appetizers. Crab cakes, sweet potato tater tots (who knew - they are so good) and spinach/artichoke stuffed mushrooms. Yummy, but I had already eaten my bean burro for dinner.  I think they should invite the residents starving wife next time so I can enjoy it while it's hot:-)


  1. This post cracks me up!! Enjoy the leftovers :)

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  3. That's the least he could do!!! ;)
    Glad you got some good eats!

  4. Ahahah! It's so much better for him to bring the deliciousness home to you than to let them go to waste. Now I'm hungry.


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