Thursday, May 3, 2012

I Have a Blog?

It's 3:00 am and I am awake looking for something to do because I can't sleep and then I remembered I have a blog that I have completely neglected for over a month now! If I have any readers left you may be wondering where I have been and if I was still alive. That is actually a valid question, because there have been a few times I wondered myself.

Now the difficult part: deciding where to pick up the story and what to leave out?

As of April 13th we are no longer homeowners and I must have been throwing the word "homeless" around too often, because my son asked me what the word HOMELESS meant. At that moment I realized that, while technically true, we are not without a place to live. It may not be ours, and we may not be together, but we are not homeless in the way that so many others are.

That was a nice discussion to have, although I fear that he may repeat our status to others who may not know our situation and people will formulate their own version of what happened to us. It may go something like this:

"Do you remember her from high school/college?"

"Yeah, her husband left her and the kids. She is living with her mom, but only after living in their car for a week."

"Can you believe that they lost all of their stuff. Not just the house, but everything, and only have what they could fit in their van? It's not even a nice van, I thought he was a doctor or something."

"He must have been a professional student because he is almost 40 and I don't think he has ever had a job. You know the kind that just go to school forever, living on student loans, and think that is a career. No wonder they didn't come to visit very often, how embarrassing."

OK it might not go down exactly like that, but who knows what crazy things people come up with. Look with I just pulled out of my head!

Fear not, I am alive but may have suffered from amnesia secondary to selling a house and moving across the country. But now that my memory has recovered sufficiently, you may wish I had left well enough alone. I am back, and I missed you!

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