Friday, May 18, 2012

Copy Paper Gifts

Because I took a large chunk of time off from blogging I realized that I missed some topics that I wanted to cover. So I am going back in time.

We celebrated our anniversary a couple of months ago. It coincided with our house hunting trip so technically we had a lavish celebration staying in hotels and eating out for a long weekend.

If you recall I purchased my husband a hard back copy of Harry Potter volume one. Romantic right? But I never followed up with what he got me!

For a long time I have wanted a matching diamond band to wear with my engagement ring and wedding band. We have never had the money to buy one... there was always something else we needed. More specifically, there was always something else that the house needed. Darn home ownership! (Yep, I could have bought lots of diamonds without that house:-)

This year I was surprised! There was a small bag with a small jewelry box inside. Can you guess what was in the box?

There was a picture of the ring that I want. It wasn't even a color copy but a true to size photocopy of the ring that I would like.... one day. He successfully convinced the jewelry store to make the copy, give him a bag and box, and they even threw in chocolates:-) He must have told him that he was a poor resident and that one day he would be a full fledged doctor who will be buying diamonds (I hope). How many husbands would go through that kind of trouble for a photocopy gift? He also took my rings in to have them cleaned so they were sparkly and new for our anniversary. So sweet.

For all of our married years we have at one time or another given "IOU" gifts. They are really sweet, and because it is the thought that counts it feels almost as good as getting the real thing. I cherish the gifts that he would have purchased if he could have. I know our time is coming to an end (finally!), and that shortly we will have the means to purchase the real deal. Knowing that makes me a little sad. Just a little.

When you don't have much you use your imagination and get creative. I hope we can keep a little of that as we move through the next chapters of our more potentially prosperous life. Here's hoping medicine is still a profitable career choice when we have a paycheck!

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