Thursday, May 17, 2012

Super Secret Identity Spoiler

Clark Kent has Superman.

Peter Parker has Spiderman.

Bruce Wayne has Batman.

What do I have in common with this totally awesome group of male comic book heroes? Mystery. They each have two different persona's. One is their every day, nose to the grind stone, average, nothing extraordinary self. The other is their all out, fearless, defender of truth and right "secret" self. They can do what they do because no one knows who is doing it.

I only saw the movies and never read the comic books. From that brief knowledge of super heroes  I know that they save the revelation of their true identities until the very end when they kiss the girl and take off the mask.

My story isn't over yet! I like to think I am just getting started, and it's only fun if I can pretend that my identify is still somewhat secret. The mask is still on and until I am ready to take it off, no one is getting kissed! 

What I love so much about this blog is that it is real. It is my reality. I am not trying to sugar coat what is happening because I want you to think that I am awesome, or because I want your pity. If you don't know me there can't be any pretense, or exaggeration. I can tell it like it is without wondering what people will think of me as a person with a name. It also allows me to shield the identity of my husband as he is embarking on his career. Thus, no name.

I have a pretty smart group of readers, that much is obvious. I may have tipped some of you off inadvertently, or slipped up and you caught me. Leaving clues has never been in the plan, and I'll have to pay more attention. I am sorry that the element of anonymity has been spoiled for you. 

A friendly reminder to all those who have guessed correctly and incorrectly in the past: Play along for now, please. If you need me to know that you know... you can send me a message that I will neither confirm or deny:-) I will delete blog comments that include my name or appear to be identifying me in any way. It makes me sad to do that, because I love comments - just not ones that (intentionally or accidently) try to attach a name to the author.

One day, when the time is right I will post my complete bio including name, height and weight. Maybe not weight.


  1. I don't know who you are, but your blog is relatable and even though my google reader is backlogged, I always make time to read when you post!! You are my favorite! Keep up the honesty and the mystery!!

  2. I know who you are and you probably know who I am. I love your blog. Keep up the candid posts...:)


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