Wednesday, August 8, 2012

A Double Dip

Can you sense I have something on my mind: SLEEP!

We need a new mattress. We shouldn't, because we just bought one two years ago, but we do.

After 15 years the mattress that we had needed to be replaced. I was pregnant and not sleeping well. It had visible "dipping" where each of our bodies rest even when our bodies weren't there. With a king size bed you get two dips instead of one. No amount of turning, flipping, adjusting helped. It needed to be replaced. You can imagine my thrill at having to spend money for that, and the seriousness of the matter because we did.

We went to the mattress store and tried several mattresses. We even went to the Sleep Number (I want one) and Tempurpedic stores (my husband wants one) and tried their mattresses. In the end we decided on a traditional box spring set. We didn't buy the cheapest, but we didn't buy the most expensive either. We found a nice compromise and paid about $1,000.

It was a very comfortable mattress for the first year. It was firm yet soft in just the right places. It had 4 inch memory foam pillow top and we loved it - and then one day we didn't.

Eventually, we both started waking up sore and unrested. The memory foam seemed to have lost the "memory" and the support for my lower back was all but gone. If we tried to sleep next to one another, the dipping was even more apparent.

There was a sweet spot right in the middle of the mattress where neither one of us slept that still had the firmness intact. But anyone sleeping there would immediately roll into the dip the other created. Needless to say, sleeping next to each other was not comfortable for anyone. (And my husbands internal temperature feels at least 10 degrees warmer to me - that man is HOT!)

Now, two years after buying a mattress, that is no longer performing, I wish we would have thrown caution to the wind and bought a better mattress. What mattress might that have been, we still can't decide. I liked the Sleep Number, he liked the Tempurpedic. But we both agree that good sleep is priceless.

Considering the few hours that my husband gets to sleep, I need those hours spent in restorative sleep - not frustrated sleep. And because I get more sleep, I want to enjoy every moment of it:-)

Does anyone have a mattress that they really like and could recommend?



  1. WE LOVE our Tempur-pedic! Bought our first one over 3 years ago and another for the vacation home last year and sometimes, when I wake up, I don't know where I am... both feel exactly the same.

  2. We have had a tempurpedic mattress for 7 years...bought it the moment we moved for medical school. Financed it with zero %, paid it off as soon as the loans came in and have NEVER LOOKED BACK! You will NOT regret it and having a happy husband is priceless. I've been pregnant twice and gone on vacation many times throughout both pregnancies. The only mattress that compares for a few nights is the Westin resort mattresses...and for the price...I would say get the bottom of the line classic tempurpedic and buy the cheap box springs. we bought the $500/each box springs for king bed and it was a WASTE. the $100/200 box springs would have been just fine. You will never regret it....I promise!

    1. OK, I will give the Tempurpedic another go. After all, two recommendations from two of my favorite people can't be wrong. Thanks for the recommendations!


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