Monday, August 20, 2012

Strength in Numbers

For the longest time I really felt like I was the only one going through this life changing journey. You can imagine my delight when I started blogging and discovered a whole new group of people who were on it with me.

I have come to know at least a dozen women who are in exactly the same position I am: Surgical spouse, fellowship, kids, thirty something, interviewing, etc. I am not the rarity I once thought I was. There are hundreds, if not thousands of us!

You have been my saving grace.

Regardless of where you are on your journey there is comfort knowing that you aren't doing it alone. There is power in making connections with those who have successfully navigated the waters and from those who are just starting to push off from the shore. I have been blessed by my associations with you all.

The Internet is an amazing tool for connecting people from all over the world who share common experiences. The inaugural Medical Mondays Blog Hop was a success: 35 bloggers linked up, and most of them I didn't know before! Our hope is to link even more in the future.

Our next blog hop is scheduled for Monday September 3rd 2012. Mark your calendar! Please consider linking your blog and helping us spread the word to other medicine families with blogs. It is an opportunity to share your story, your business, your hobby, your passions, and your experience with others who "get" where you are coming from.

Maybe you have been thinking about starting your own blog, do it! Somebody may need to read something that only you can write.



  1. Amazing how the blogosphere can be so comforting :) Especially when us DW's have to move all the time!

  2. Just discovering your blog and the blog hop through the Unconventional Doctor's Wife! My hubby is a first year internal medicine resident! Looking forward to reading more from you and the other "hoppers!" And I just wrote on Friday about finding other women who "get" me!

    1. Please considering adding your blog to our growing Medical Monday's community on Monday September 3rd! We would love to have you:-) Your profile doesn't include the name of your blog. I would love to read what you wrote about others who "get you".


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