Thursday, August 9, 2012


It is Olympic season - GO USA!

Yesterday evening we had the rare opportunity to spend more than just a few minutes together. That meant we were watching the Olympics, or rather he was watching the Olympics and I was sitting next to him.

During a commercial break I asked him "what is it about the Olympics that you like so much"? (Because I can only watch a few events, he likes them all.)

His response was not surprising,  "I like hearing the athletes story. So many of them have been training for years for this moment. Their families have made significant sacrifices to get them to this point and are in the stands at every event. Most of them aren't professionals, so they don't do this for the money. I could care less to watch the basketball Olympics games - they are all paid athletes, and it doesn't have the same feeling. But knowing how hard they worked to get here and how much this means to them makes it exciting to watch."

Hmmmm. Does that sound like anybody you know? It does to me:-)

GO Doctor!



  1. I love this!

    I forget who, but one Olympians mom had to go into debt and filed bankruptcy over her daughter's training. I personally equate the Olympic athletes that get paid to the docs in training that had their parents pay for everything.

    Interesting connection you made :)

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  3. The stories are amazing, I agree. And it does sound like a few someones I know!

  4. They're all over-achieving type A's...killing themselves to be the best in their chosen field. So true!

  5. The stories really are moving ... and I think you made an great connection too!

    Not sure why I keep coming up as unknown ... LOL ... I'm Kris from Dawkter's Wife


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