Wednesday, August 1, 2012

What Color Are Your Scrubs

This could be the title of a new personality profiling system for doctors and health care providers. But it isn't. Instead it is a purely vain question.

What color are your scrubs?

My husband came home from the hospital with the most hideous colored scrubs I had ever seen. They even had a pink draw string.

Surely, these couldn't be his scrubs.

Yet, they were - and all the male and female surgeons wear them.

Who picks out these colors? What happened to regular colored scrubs? What about the beautiful blue scrubs that play up your eyes?

I am far too vain to wear ugly scrubs, or colors that didn't flatter my skin tone. In fact, if I were a surgeon, I might even go so far as to exclude hospitals with ugly scrubs from my match rank list, and certainly wouldn't consider them for a job unless in the contract I was exempted from wearing their ugly colored scrubs.

If they selected this particular color because the were worried about people making off with their scrubs, they don't have to worry about us - you couldn't give these away!




  1. Lol...I actually have no idea who picks the scrub colors. I do know that hospitals get all stink-faced thinking that the docs are going to steal the scrubs (right, because the hospital profit margins aren't high enough to compensate for $2 pair of UGLY scrubs...but I digress...) The bigger issue is that many of my petite classmates can't get scrubs that fit. The smallest size in the machine will be an adult M, which means that their scrubs are dragging on the ground and literally falling off! (Maybe the petite women docs are the ones stealing the size S ugly scrubs!!! Lol)

  2. Oooh yes, I'm all about picking nice scrubs. At my training hospital they don't care which colour you wear, as long as you wear their sterile green scrubs when going into surgery. For on-call nights etc we can wear whatever colour we want.
    Until last year my school only sold navy scrubs, but this year they've been selling all sorts, so I just ordered some baby blue ones. Yay.
    I've seen some horrid brown ones... I swear I would refuse to wear brown scrubs.


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