Friday, November 4, 2011

Frumpy Friday

I can't believe I went out of the house looking like this today!  I have a "uniform" that works for most things, but it didn't work today. My uniform is black yoga pants, workout shirt, and tennis shoes. It is all very stylish for the gym, or so I tell myself. I got up this morning and put on the uniform because I expected to go to the gym today.... for yoga.

But, this is the way things have been going lately: the little girls slept in, the baby girl was getting ready for a nap and yoga class started before I could even leave the house. I should have just gone to the gym anyway... I mean I was dressed for it. But my gym pal said, "hey, why don't we go to the children's museum today?" and I was like "sure, but I'm not changing my clothes". Why? Because that would take precious time. In this uniform people assume I am either on my way to the gym or just leaving the gym and don't expect too much of my appearance. I like to workout, I just don't get around to it as often as it looks. I did put some make-up on because I can't seem to live without it and I needed to go to the grocery store, too.

We get to the museum and guess what? My gym pal was supposed to be in her uniform too! She wasn't. And then we ran into two other pals, also not in their uniforms. I am feeling frumpy... not a good feeling.

My husband is out of town at a conference, eating delicious food, driving a luxury rental car, wandering around a spectacular hotel, wearing nice clothes, talking with adults, and basking in the sunshine. Me? I did take a shower last night, I've been living on mac n' cheese and cereal (didn't make it to the grocery store today), and there are chocolate candy wrappers all over the place! I need an intervention.

Where are the What Not To Wear people telling me to get out of my uniform and start getting dressed in the morning. Why aren't they humiliating me on TV. And where is my Visa card for $5,000? I need it badly! But, I refuse to buy any more clothing until the baby weight comes off. What if what's hanging around never leaves? How long will I be wearing this uniform?

I seriously want to go shopping and blow what is left of my checking account and max out any credit card the store will give me. We are already almost $300K in debt, what is a few more thousand? I know it will only feel good for a minute, but I would take a minute today. Lucky for me my husband is out of town and I would never take 4 kids shopping. Financial crisis averted.

My house is a mess and the baby is crying:-( I hope my husband is having a good time.

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  1. Cheer up, it's not what you wear but how you feel. And I've found packing a spare change of clothes in the car works.


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