Saturday, November 5, 2011

You Made My Day!

We're day 4 into DrH being out of town and only 1 more to go, I can do this!

I didn't make it grocery shopping yesterday. After breakfast this morning I think it is safe to say that we don't have anything left in the house to eat (except some left-over mac n' cheese from Wednesday - yuck!) that wouldn't require the skills of a Chopped champion to concoct. (Have you seen that show? It's one of my guilty pleasures).

We must go grocery shopping today. So while I am sitting here starving, my DrH called and told me about what he had for dinner last night and where they are going for dinner tonight. I am salivating at the thought of food I don't have to make. Food that doesn't have to appeal to the preschooler taste-buds. Maybe we'll break down and get something off the dollar menu at McDonald's for dinner. The big spender that I am. No, we probably won't do that either.

The conference is going well and he is meeting some of his colleagues that he will work with next year, and catching up with acquaintances from days gone by. I know it is technically work, but it still sounds like such fun. Can you believe he had the nerve to run into a friend of mine? (Not at the conference of course, my friends don't hang out there). And how perfect is it that the conference happens to be in our hometown? Yep, he gets to visit with family, too. I am happy for him. Can't you tell.

And here is the best part: Just when I needed it someone totally made my day! Thank You! *hugs*


  1. Having a venue to write, vent and validate your feelings is vital to surviving intense trials in our lives.

    I respect and relate to your writings. Although I am married to a Pediatric Hospitalist (for 25 years) and our "training" has been complete for over 13 years, those feelings come busting through still!

    I also hold in emotions and have been a single Mom many times during this journey. Yours is a more demanding path and you will survive and you WILL be rewarded for doing so. I have intense faith in you and your children are blessed to have such a devoted mother.

    Protecting your husband and his time, energy, and schedule is very normal for doctor's wives. It isn't pretty, but I want you to know that his profession will give soooooo many people their life back. A neurosurgeon saved me from a life of debility sciatic pain after my 4th pregnancy and I hold him in such high esteem.

    Be proud of your husband and the role you play in "healing" others! and be PROUD of yourself!

  2. it's me... i am the one that LOVES your blog. you are spot on about so much of it! i wish i knew who you were and we lived close so that we could be friends through all of this because NO ONE ELSE GETS IT. :)


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