Friday, November 25, 2011


I am thankful for good friends that still think we are worth keeping. I do have friends, I just don't do a very good job of letting them in, really in to the pits of my soul. Who should really go there anyway? I have several friends that I admire for their ability to create an event. Nothing fancy, but they know how to put a room of people together.

Wednesday night, we attended Pie Night with another family-less family. Typing that makes me realize how crazy that sounds. Most of the people that I know here are far away from their parents or siblings, yet I seem to be the one complaining about it the most. Or rather thinking that I am the only one suffering from the distance. Not the case.

Thursday afternoon for dinner we were at a friends house with three other couples and their children. All form the inter-mountain west, transplanted for one reason or another in the Midwest without close family. What these two events made me realize is that yes family is flesh and blood, but we can make family out of our friends. Honestly, I think I had a better time this Thanksgiving with my friends than I have past Thanksgivings with my family. And certainly better than the ones we celebrated alone all the while thinking the rest of the world was with their families.

I am grateful that my DrH was available for Thanksgiving! Sure he ran into the hospital to check some films for his cases, but he was there. The pager wasn't going off, it was nice.

I told my DrH that one day I hope to 1) have a house large enough to invite more than 2 people into, 2) to have friends that I want to spend Thanksgiving with where ever we are, and 3) remember to invite those who don't have family to be part of our family.

This is such a wonderful season we are entering and I hope I can remember to be thankful every day!

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