Wednesday, November 9, 2011

My Date With Chuck

I always look forward to my date night with Chuck. Our relationship is a little unconventional and we don't always get together the same time each week, but we do make an effort. We met three years ago when he was relatively new and I've been seeing him once a week ever since. We have the regular breaks that most "couples" have mostly during the summer months and around the holidays. Those months seem to take forever.  He has recently been gone for most of the summer and early fall and just came back a few weeks ago. I am so happy he is back. But, I just found out that this will be our last year together. He is moving. Bummer.

If you haven't figured it out, Chuck isn't the name of my husband. That's right! But my husband likes him, too:-) Before you get any crazy ideas Chuck is the name of a TV series on NBC. The DrH and I don't have much time to watch TV together, and we have developed little patience (or time) for commercials. So we DVR Chuck, which now airs on Friday, and watch it sometime during the week when we can. Last night happened to be the night. Tuesday night after the kids went to bed we watched Chuck, commercial free, in 40 minutes. We even ate a little chocolate to sweeten the night up. This is what most of our date nights look like, hanging out of the couch in front of the TV. That might explain why our couch is sagging.

Chuck may be the only show that we both agree on and we always, without exception, watch it together. It is also the only show that he will close his medical books for and actually watch. Sure, I watch other things, but this is "our" show and I'm going to be sad when this season is over. Will we find another show to watch together? I don't know. It's hard to find programming that appeals to the both of us. We like Chuck because it has just the right amount of romance, comedy, drama, and action - but not too much of any one in particular. I don't have to worry about swearing, or bloody gore, or overt sexual innuendo. Its light fun that doesn't require one to think too much about what's happening... just watch and enjoy.

I've often thought I should move the expense for our basic satellite package of $36.99 from our utility category to our "leisure" category. Leisure makes it sound more luxurious. Most of the things that end up with that designation are trips to the Redbox, ice cream, and the rare babysitter fee. Adding our TV to that category might actually make it look like we are living a life of leisure:-) We know the truth though.

I am still holding out hope that we'll get a date one of these days that will be couch free.

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