Monday, July 23, 2012

Playing Sherlock Holmes

Are you a fan of the Sherlock Holmes movies featuring Robert Downey Jr.? I AM.

I have a feeling that the inspiration for this post can be directly attributed to having watched both the first and second movie this past week.

Do you recall the scene where he is answering a question posed by Dr. Watson's girlfriend? It was meant to be light-hearted but Holmes hit it on the head with one minor flaw in his conclusion that upset her. Really it could be any scene because that is what Holmes does... takes clues no one sees and solves the mystery. That is why we love him.

The house we have rented for our 12 month fellowship has left me clues! So this is my attempt at describing the people who lived here before me based purely on the evidence they left behind. I have no idea if I am right, but it is fun to guess. I am putting on my super sleuth hat. Are you ready to be dazzled?

A child lived here. They left writing on the wall in both pencil and crayon. There are two small bright pink stains on the carpet. The child is a girl. The height of the writing leads to me to believe that the girl child was either 3 or 4 at the time. She was learning her alphabet and may have been attempting to write her name before she was caught.

The master bath tub is pristine but the shower is well used. The adult members of the household were not familiar with the sheer joy that comes from taking a bath.... or the female adult member of the house was just as busy as I am, and does not have time for a leisurely bath.

The person who did most of the cleaning/cooking was very nervous indeed. The caulking/sealing around the sink has all but been scrubbed away. (note: I need to have that replaced.)

We are still receiving mail for this person (so I know their name, but cannot pronounce it). They are either running from someone or something, or do not know standard procedures for changing their address or forwarding mail, or do not want to. I choose running.

I do know that someone in this house had some plastic surgery work done. Ah! They had an invoice in the mailbox when we arrived. I promised I did not open it because that would illegal. But it was not an advertisement.... we all know what a bill looks like before we open it.

From my assessment the woman (who has a name I will not reveal) may have been a outlaw that underwent dramatic plastic surgery to change her appearance (and a little tummy tuck and breast lift to fix what having a child will do) and has since left the country with a new name (that I could pronounce) and a face like Angelina Jolie's to seek her revenge on those who gave her away. Her small girl child right behind her.

Mystery solved!


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  1. I haven't seen either of the movies yet. I know...I must live in a cave! lol

    I wanted to let you know that I've nominated you for a Liebster Blog Award. Check and it out and see if you can find Waldo (don't ask!)

    Cheers, Renee :-)


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