Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Virtual Vacation

I need to remember to thank the nice ladies at Doctor's Wives Living for giving me a weekly virtual vacation. (Since that is the only vacation in my near future).

Each week they post a photograph of an amazing place and ask their readers to identify where the location is.  If they just posted the picture and told me where it was and how fabulous it is, I wouldn't pay nearly as much attention to the picture as I do. It falls into the category of brilliant ideas I wish I would have thought of.

By lingering over a photo for a couple of minutes each week I get to take a mini-vacation. Last week it was to the Iguaza Falls bordering Argentina and Brazil. I studied that picture. Analyzed the terrain, the color of the water, the height of the falls (I thought I could even feel the air) and guessed somewhere in South America. Close - but still wrong. My friend Emma at Your Doctor's Wife guessed it correctly. High-fives (that was you, right?)

This week the location looks equally as magical, although more densely populated. And those beautiful Mosaic walls! I start wondering what they are drinking, what language they are speaking, what are they taking a picture of or looking at? This is what happens when you actually look at something instead of just glossing over it. You see all the individual pieces that make up the picture.

Which brings me to my "big thought" for the day. Sometimes I feel like my life is just that, a bunch of glossing over and not much paying attention to the small details. I think about that with my kids, my husband, my to do list. Am I looking, really looking - or am I glancing?

Do I look at my children when they speak to me? Do I stop what I am doing when my husband comes home? Do I take care of the most important things first, or save them for last - where they usually fall into the "didn't get done today" pile.

I love moments like this that snap me out of my foggy state long enough to appreciate what I see in front of me and get me started in the right direction again. I bet they didn't expect that from a little picture!

If you would like to take your chances at identifying this vacation spot head over to Doctor's Wives Living and submit your best guess. Who knows, maybe you will be their next winner - unless it is me. Or maybe you will have your own "big thought" as a result. Give it a try.


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  1. It was me!!!

    My mother went there while I was 7 months pregnant, so I had to stay home! She brought home incredible pictures of the falls! It's a must do! She stayed in Argentina and fell in love with all the tango dancers who would come out at night and just start dancing on the cobblestone streets!


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